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  1. It’s the old singer from “exotype”
  2. I remember when they were making “pressure” they said that the new music was gonna sound sound like “Johnny cash” and “gravity” they sure were right about that but it’s still a decent album
  3. Is anyone else getting a “the Veer union” vibe off this song or is it just me?
  4. Yeah they are, but jt is now with “Erra”
  5. Really digging this song!! Can't wait to hear the full album
  6. These guys are from my neighborhood they were in another band but then they got new members and changed the name of the band, this song is very good and catchy!!
  7. I personally think it’s not heavy at all and has more rap then anything on the album..I really got my hopes up on this one!! Major let down too me that’s just my opinion! I know people have their own opinions though so I’m anxious to see what everyone else thinks about this.
  8. My home town boys and my bro’s Orion and Alvin..they did a fantastic on the remake!!
  9. It's not them that did the logo their label are the ones that drew it up
  10. This is my friends band he actually plays drums! I'm so happy they finally got signed to outerloop records and they worked for years and years too get signed and it finally happened.this so is so good and the rest of the ep is amazing too please go like them on Facebook!!
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