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  1. Vinyl should arrive tomorrow... But, alas, LeakDay will beat me as always.
  2. Whoa. This is like a complete sonic 180 from their last album. I dig the new sound, but I do miss the vocal clarity. he's got such a unique tone without it getting drowned out by all the effects.
  3. Rosa + boyfriend, Catherine and Colin are excellent additions to the lore. Tons of feels at the end.
  4. Dan is a master of concepts. These albums are the most I've ever thought about/cared about the struggles and redemption of a fictional character. Thanks for this. I'm too impatient to wait for my LP to get delivered...
  5. Agree with above. This is very "Blink self-titled" era sound. It's nice.
  6. It's like they never left. Haven't changed a bit.
  7. It's no Illuminate (feels exactly like The Cinema imo), but I know they are just in a different place ten years later. Seeing these guys live has been great for openers. It's how I first discovered From Indian Lakes. They brought the house down.
  8. Hell yeah! Nice to see some official multiple-track releases from this dude.
  9. I remember when Barnburner was on Saint's Row 2. Best "on-fire ATV" music ever.
  10. Weird to see this after so long. I know the frontman had some serious baggage, but AILD was my childhood. 94 Hours to this day was the bloodiest pit I've ever been in.
  11. I was wondering this same thing. They're almost indistinguishable at this point.
  12. HAHA Bullets and Octane. These dudes kept somehow being the opening band at metal shows I went to in like 2008-2009. Every single time the frontman would take his shirt off and pour bottled water on his nipples. It was... something.
  13. It's not really a direct comparison. Nickelback didn't get worse. 5FDP did. The Way of the Fist was campy, but it was brutal and pretty fucking solid. Then they jumped the shark and started doing covers of shitty 'Murrika Army masturbation metal, and never recovered.
  14. Oh, Christ. So these guys are still going the All That Remains route, it seems. Because there's not enough pseudo-military, generic bro-rock in the world
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