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  1. Thanks! Julien Baker is awesome. See her live if you get a chance. Very emotionally raw.
  2. Thank you!!!
  3. Thanks!! SO hyped about this release. Snagged the splatter variant. Yeaaaaa
  4. I think I went through those same stages, in that order. This is really a nice listen, and is packed full of timeless Goldfinger harmony.
  5. High school me is quite pleased. Thanks, y'all.
  6. ^ Cheers.
  7. All That Remains had the exact same trajectory, now that I think about it.
  8. I wish Ivan would re-join. He did let some of the decent metal vibe carry over into FFDP's debut, but then it immediately toppled into the cesspool that is modern 'Murrikan "hard rock"...
  9. Nice!! I recognize some of the titles from Bobby Barnett's solo album. Didn't even know this was incoming. Thanks, guys!
  10. Thanks for this song (and this comment thread, actually). I always love to see friendly debate that hasn't once fallen victim to shitposting. This site stays relatively unaffected by today's internet, and I appreciate it. That's all.
  11. It seems that the singles are pretty representative of the album as a whole. Not bad music, but the passion is missing here. Tim just sounds kind of tired.
  12. I miss their energy... This feels so emotionless and phoned in.
  13. The only rapper I've ever helped get new organs. MN love. Everyone please support upon release. He's as good a dude as they come.
  14. I've missed these guys. When I am God kicked my ass back in the day.
  15. Thanks for this. His whole catalog is actually Pay What You Want right now, with all proceeds going to ACLU.