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  1. Their song "Gotta Light?" shows up on my Spotify every once and a while. Love it. Hope to hear more from them soon. They're onto something.
  2. Okay...okay. Guys, the lyrical content. Can someone explain it to me? I'm so damn intrigued right now.
  3. Curious to know if you think a songs lyrical content being about summertime and happiness inherently means it's a good song?
  4. Saw these guys open at a Less Than Jake/Four Year Strong show last year. Hadn't heard from them since. Good to see some activity.
  5. @bachashnoo You just seem too aggressive for this. The angriest song on the album is your favorite, and songs about love are for 16 year olds? Man, a lot of people grew up to be happy and be loved and love. I'm sorry you can't relate to those lyrics, and I'm sorry that your ability to relate to lyrics or not affects your ability to enjoy what is, by all means, a fantastic record.
  6. It would be "State Runners-up". I see what you attempted to do there, though. You'll get chuckles from edgebois.
  7. Their artwork always reminds me of aggressive old man memes.
  8. These guys are signed to Run For Cover records, a pretty reliable label. I have to give it a listen.
  9. He was on Joe Rogan Experience. I'm really curious to hear this.
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