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  1. What a kind of words... I have listen to envy since I was kid and now about 29 y/o... Really excited to see big fan like you.. So stoked about their new album too.
  2. This album feels me taking back where MacGyver was exist.
  3. Just open this favourite site and found this gems, thank you!!
  4. Can't wait listen the whole album, this gonna be excited
  5. OMG!! Thank you this gonna be awesome.
  6. Been digging this one cause the previous album was great too.
  7. To be honest I really disappointed (maybe everyone who listen their album from the first time) but at least I really appreciated what they do.
  8. Thank you for this, one of the best records this year.
  9. This thing would be awesome, this one is so great.
  10. Yo calm down fan boy, I take back my words and I really enjoy this album as I enjoy my last cigarette today.
  11. Think I gonna listen this album but I'm so scared disappointed myself.
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