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  1. This album is killer, have a blast in every single songs... Easily become album of the year in my playlist, thanks for sharing this beast.
  2. Damn!! this is too great, so catchy af.
  3. Also this is too great.... Thank you so much.
  4. I'm so stoked also being truly happy now, thanks a lot for this aoty records... Let's repeat this shit until bored
  5. Alright you're totally right, I really enjoy the whole album even though some people not truly happy with their music transformed but I keep support them and sure I will buy cause this records is like a gems.
  6. Thanks a lot, finally the whole album has out so excited as fuck..
  7. Best melodic hardcore all of the time, especially album of the year.
  8. I still feel this Feel Something vibes, nice single.
  9. Definitely, but not catchy as YC and NFG 😆 this is just Neck Deep, nice album by the way.
  10. Totally agree with you mate, The Ataris has a good memories in the past also Burned a CD is the best things ever lol
  11. Yeah still don't understand why they not put new music or album, honestly I lost my count how much they had demos from So Long, Astoria haha
  12. The cover album seems like Duga tower picture, nice...
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