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  1. I've been watch out for those guys, nice single btw...
  2. Ignore all the songs and keep the Graffitia... The whole album was meh..
  3. First I want to say thanks a lot for this stuff, it already make my day.. so excited and easily be my album of the year. Hope everyone had good weekend.
  4. Reba still my crush since Love is Love / Return to Dust
  5. Thank you for this, it seems like nostalgic :)
  6. What a kind of words... I have listen to envy since I was kid and now about 29 y/o... Really excited to see big fan like you.. So stoked about their new album too.
  7. This album feels me taking back where MacGyver was exist.
  8. Just open this favourite site and found this gems, thank you!!
  9. Can't wait listen the whole album, this gonna be excited
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