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  1. As someone who isn’t a massive Wage War fan, but finds quite a few of their songs enjoyable, I like this. It’s a good mix of heavy and experimental stuff. It’s not as awful as I expected based on all the negativity.
  2. Fury and Ghost are heavy so far as well
  3. The track listing and release date apparently leaked as well. Nothing Left to Love, November 1st 1. Love Me 2. Wings of Nightmares 3. Paradise and Plague 4. The Hands That Used To Hold Me 5. Separate Wounds 6. Your Own Knife 7. Cherished 8. Imprints 9. Ocean of Another 10. Nothing Left to Love
  4. I found myself focusing on the guitar work more than anything the first time through. What a banger.
  5. Really dig this. I like Phil’s cleans a lot.
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