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  1. one of the greatest of its genre. i still can't get enough of the rain city sessions....
  2. love the instrumental side. brock's vocals are borderline unbearable on this one for me...
  3. they've been a favorite of mine for years...but lately their material just isn't my cup of tea. for me, their albums can be ranked in chronological order...with the omission being bitterness the star after collisions and castaways.
  4. goddamn this is good. a return to former glory.
  5. A Snowcapped Romance is an all time great. Original sound, awesome musicianship, flawlessly produced.
  6. last album was a fantastic return to greatness. hopefully this is on par or better.
  7. single

    i can't believe i'm saying this. i'm genuinely excited to hear this album in it's entirety.
  8. just got around to this album. fantastic!
  9. single

    i bet he could do some solid jeff buckley covers
  10. no shit? i hadn't heard that info. "Of Malice..." is a masterpiece, and one of those albums that got me into the genre.
  11. getting that misery signal's vibe! never a bad thing...
  12. fantastic album!
  13. such glorious riffs. kids, take note.
  14. was not expecting the drummer to do the cleans. totally threw me off.
  15. those are the options? shitty list...