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  1. Will be checking this out. He’s put out some fantastic solo material.
  2. i had never heard of these guys before yesterday. after listening to this album a half-dozen times i can confirm: serious AOTY candidate. fucking awesome!
  3. This. Their melodic side goes best when mixed with some aggressiveness. The last album was a serious letdown
  4. One of those very influential bands that hopefully lives on and hits new ears. Always very underrated.
  5. hopefully this is a grower. not impressed upon first listen.
  6. gotta give it a shot based on the sample song. sounds awesome.
  7. same. 10 seconds in and i was done.
  8. of course the big fella is playing a stephen carpenter model ESP
  9. Thank you. Always had love for their music.
  10. this is a solid batch of songs. fantastic EP.
  11. can't wait to listen. tell me i'm pretty was an all-timer.
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