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  1. Yep, definitely listened to them back in the day. Didn’t know this was his new gig, but he’s got a fantastic voice.
  2. Parachutes will always be my fav, but I always give their albums a listen just to see if it hits. Been pretty disappointed lately.
  3. One of the best bands in the genre instrumentally. Vocals have always been hit or miss for me. This is no different.
  4. canals, upper drugs, 16, juzo, @tddybear, SOS, taking off, nairobi, these days, arizona, snow white. i also like arizona as an album ender, but i like the feel of having the only acoustic track next to last.
  5. I’ve taken the 16 track album, deleted 5 songs, and rearranged the track list. I know have a solid 11 song rock album. Thanks HS!
  6. all i'm seeing is a nippyshare link...and when i try using that it goes to an upload page. very weird.
  7. was anyone able to get the link to work?
  8. Very good hard rock album. Definitely digging the heavier tracks the most, but from start to finish it’s a good listen.
  9. I haven’t enjoyed a female fronted mc/ph album this much since Brighter That A Thousand Suns Survival Machines. Really good music here.
  10. Another incredible record from these dudes. Possibly one of the most underrated bands active today.
  11. It’s a solid record. Not their best, not their worst. Worth giving a try though.
  12. Do yourself a favor and skip the first track. Possibly the worst intro I’ve ever heard.
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