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  1. Really good album. Easy listening with some really catchy choruses.
  2. these guys have been around for a long time. awesome band, but very under appreciated in the states. the lead singer did a solo project called Thornley years ago, and that was some awesome hard rock.
  3. Anybody remember the show Flash Forward on Disney Channel? Those were the days...
  4. That music video and song are awful. Hard pass.
  5. Love me some Surfer Blood...but this EP comes off as stale and uninspired. Might take a few listens, but initial reaction isn’t favorable.
  6. The street in Olympia, Wa that they’re named after is on my delivery route. That is all.
  7. Love John 5. His solo albums are top notch.
  8. heavy as all fucking get out. love it.
  9. I gotta let this one grow. Much like their last album, this one hasn't struck me immediately like say Empros and Memorial did. Guidance was good, but lacked a certain energy. This has that same feeling unfortunately.
  10. this album was so hit and miss. some fantastic tracks that resembled them at their peak. others, not so much.
  11. it's like taking the best elements of Born of Osiris and The Faceless and mixing them together. Love the technical elements, the instrumentation is fantastic, and the cleans mesh really well.
  12. gotta love when a sum 41 conversation turns to how good their instrumentation is... no one wins.
  13. awesome band. glad they decided to make new music.
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