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  1. gotta love when a sum 41 conversation turns to how good their instrumentation is... no one wins.
  2. awesome band. glad they decided to make new music.
  3. The Tropic Rot may be my favorite "heavy" album ever.
  4. They have some great albums! I'd start with albums like Transistor, Soundsystem, From Chaos, Evolver, and Mosaic. Self Titled, Grassroots, and Music are good, but can be a tad dated and cheesy at times. Don't Tread On Me has some redeemable qualities, but is pretty forgettable. You can basically act like Universal Pulse and Uplifter never existed.
  5. band went to shit when ross childress left. that was the day the riffs died in collective soul.
  6. can't fault you there. soundsystem is an absolute beast of an album.
  7. Seriously?? You must not be a fan of their early work then, because that track is a huge "Transistor" throwback.
  8. thanks. i've always enjoyed a good 311 record. their last two were their best since "from chaos." hopefully this continues the trend.
  9. i can't quite pinpoint who the vocalist reminds me of, but musically the band sounds similar to dredg. definitely a good listen.
  10. A Better Bridge is such a great song. EP is a solid listen overall.
  11. this should be added to the main info page. quality tune.
  12. Goddamn it’s good to have them back. Solid record with a nice mix of old and new elements.
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