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  1. thoroughly impressed by this EP. loving the atmospheric tone & harsh vocals. they almost sound like Devil Sold His Soul v2.0 at times.
  2. It’s good. They expanded upon their sound and added some nice elements. For me it falls into that 3 or 4 spot in their discography.
  3. i like their sound. reminiscent of earlier 2000's post hardcore/agressive emo type stuff.
  4. HOLY. SHIT. i had no idea they were back at it. Light A Match was an essential album of its era.
  5. really good instrumental post-metal. also, this is definitely a full length release, not an EP.
  6. LoveHateTragedy is the only album worth revisiting imo.
  7. Huge Pink Floyd vibes in the sample song.
  8. when the trumpet sounded i was sold.
  9. instrumentally, this is pretty awesome, but those vocals make it unlistenable. up there with the worst I've ever heard.
  10. I’m guessing that’s actually the popular opinion. Album was bad.
  11. This was a nice listen. Definitely recommended.
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