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  1. really liking this album. great guitar driven rock n roll.
  2. fuck, they don't make music like this anymore. simply put, it's a "classic"
  3. spending too much time on covers, not enough time on originals.
  4. this is a solid release. great grunge vibes.
  5. The song with Chester is an absolute winner.
  6. So they’re consistently inconsistent.
  7. Album is solid! Comparisons to Highly Suspect are warranted, but I hear influences from all over the modern rock landscape. They will be significant name by years end.
  8. such a fantastic band. can't wait to listen.
  9. these two songs are fucking awesome. they are, somehow, still criminally underrated.
  10. A few good tracks, and some very bad tracks. A few of the synth heavy tracks were actually a pleasant surprise though. Would have loved more guitar driven music, but whatev. Never been a huge fan anyways. Always thought they were wildly overrated.
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