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  1. Yes. I’d check out their entire catalog, especially their last album it’s hard to have hope
  2. 1. Arson Daily - Late Reflections 2. Jason Isbell - Reunions 3. Tigerwine - Nothing Is For You 4. Wake The Dead - Still Burning 5. The Beautiful Mistake - You’re Not Broken. I Am EP
  3. good song. i imagine it will grow on me just as the tempest did.
  4. So good. Mike’s voice just makes the music.
  5. Some really cool tracks on this record. Definitely worth a listen...especially if you like Muse.
  6. Best indie rock album of the year so far.
  7. revisited their catalogue last week. i still really enjoy their first four albums and think Division is the best thing they've done.
  8. deep down i know that nothing will live up to my expectations. musically they've changed and aren't sounding like the band that wrote Of Malice. I've always wondered what Mirrors would have sounded like with Jesse doing vocals, because musically it was fantastic. karl was so "one note" as a vocalist even though Controller was a beast of an album. Absent Light was also good, but underwhelming. this is a cool track, but not at all what i was hoping for with the reunion of the original lineup. excited for the album nonetheless.
  9. Loving the sound based on the music video.
  10. Are the two singles that have been released part of a full length or an EP? Was looking for info on a possible future release but didn’t see anything
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