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  1. This is nice. Vocals remind me of bon iver.
  2. just dug back into their self titled release. such an epic record. excited for this.
  3. Fantastic track. Definitely a different style of riffage from Stephen, but I like it. Can’t wait for more!
  4. Blue Sky Research is their best album imo. Unfortunate that they didn’t continue with that sound past that album.
  5. *NEW!* - Please try and include the artist(s) in your thread title above (or as many as you can fit) so that it makes it easier for others to find it later! Thanks (you can delete this line now). Artist: Beloved (US) Song: "Like A Song" (U2 Cover) (2020) Quality: Any Thanks!
  6. They’ve clearly copied Colour In The Clouds album cover. Posers. 😉
  7. Yea, definitely a Thrice/As Cities Burn vibe going on. Love it.
  8. They’ve always been a favorite. This is a really solid release with some fantastic throwback elements.
  9. Heavily anticipated album for me. Can’t wait to give it a listen.
  10. I like. Reminds me of Life in Your Way.
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