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  1. Neck Deep? Really? ffs
  2. thanks dr smoothnuts
  3. Anyone find the vocals are too loud in relation to the music?
  4. yea you better be sorry! lol just kiddin...all good man
  5. Exactly! People will shit on them for changing their sound, or shit on them for not "branching out". Tune is good...simple. And a new KP track drops today!!!
  6. Sweet! I can almost feel Parker kicking me in the back
  7. Double Douchebag
  8. You're probably right lol ....the 2 tunes released are killer
  9. dat ass
  10. I mean their songs are waste, and they're nowhere on the AOTY list. I get it you like pop more than punk, its cool
  11. YAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! Don't know which will be album of the year.... KP, Turnover or Counterparts... hmmmm (Neck Deep nowhere to be seen [waste])
  12. oh look! because DC was added to a track, someone found n,n....
  13. Put a shirt on
  14. this just made my day! many thanks @Crash Bandicoot