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  1. So kick ass. TB upped the 'pop' punk game for all you lames! TSSF... your move next
  2. is it me or does the production blow on this?? guitars are totally lost
  3. DBM2 tbh I hated when Jonny left... hated Tilians voice, and never listened to them since. now I actually gave Artificial Selection a listen and it blows me away. Evaporate and Story Of My Bros are 2 of my fav DGD tunes ever.
  4. A WIN-WIN-WIN SITUATION lol.... lame, yes
  5. REAL FRIENDS and TRASH BOAT are going to own the summer! That is, unless we get some ew TSSF!
  7. Charlie Puth is for the children
  8. wtf is he doing in that picture??
  9. Exactly! Not to mention, this release is all bad.
  10. yea. I made the mistake of mentioning it wasn't their first "album"... which is technically incorrect. the other 2 were EPs. neither were that great anyway IMO. seems like clouded is about it for them. oh and the Real Friends cover was rad