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  1. I mean their songs are waste, and they're nowhere on the AOTY list. I get it you like pop more than punk, its cool
  2. YAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! Don't know which will be album of the year.... KP, Turnover or Counterparts... hmmmm (Neck Deep nowhere to be seen [waste])
  3. oh look! because DC was added to a track, someone found n,n....
  4. Put a shirt on
  5. this just made my day! many thanks @Crash Bandicoot
  7. not really a fan of DGD since Jonny left.... but no denying this track is pretty fresh.
  8. Solid! I would say about 10% pop and 90% punk
  9. Solid post! Thank The Lord!
  10. NEW TRACKLIST! Simple Plan - Where Do We Go When We Go Sum41 - Happy Judgement Day
  11. Personally I like the original version of SUM41.... as opposed to this Neck Deep version of SUM41. Trash
  12. Remember when Linkin Park put out that love songs album in 2017? Yea, Silverstein continues to elevate their sound and releasing kick ass music
  13. sounds like one song for an hour