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  1. Great that they put the "Album V" songs on there too.
  2. Nice, some Kevin Parker produced Pond!
  3. Oh the soccer moms have to be excited, now they can think they are cool, yet in reality so lame!
  4. Is this a joke? The first 5 songs add up to a pile of dogshit. So terribly bad!! So Weezer fans have been waiting all this time for the Black Album? What a gigantic disappointment!
  5. Blah! Metallica, release a live LP from 20 years ago, 1998-99.
  6. Maybe vinyl sales are down, so Jack has more time on his hands to play music instead of run a record store. 10 years since last release? Come on Jack!
  7. Fuck Ya. 5 weeks early, thanks for the Xmas present!
  8. She is a cool artist and a fashionista. More Details.
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