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  1. Didn't even know Ska was still a thing, more power to them.
  2. Wonder what Tom has cooked for us? Though the song titles don't look too political. Halfway through and this album must be a mistake, sure this is the same Tom Morello? lol Lots of EDM, not much RATM!
  3. Time for some mellow groovin' to Kurt Vile,
  4. Nice. Father John at Jack White's record store!
  5. Wow, where have these guys been?
  6. Is there such a thing as acoustic Punk Rock? Sounds like an oxymoron. Ya there were bands like Flipper back in the day but that was a more slow downed punk rock. I am an Anti-Flag fan, but I don't listen to them to chill out.
  7. If you want to travel back in time to the 90's, I recommend the band Ride and the album Going Blank Again, or go with anything My Bloody Valentine.
  8. It's already lo-fi, guess you can still go lower with demos.
  9. Nice! Finally no more album titles with Year Of The ....!
  10. The concept sounds cool, let's see if they put it to good use.