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  1. Blah! Metallica, release a live LP from 20 years ago, 1998-99.
  2. Maybe vinyl sales are down, so Jack has more time on his hands to play music instead of run a record store. 10 years since last release? Come on Jack!
  3. Fuck Ya. 5 weeks early, thanks for the Xmas present!
  4. She is a cool artist and a fashionista. More Details.
  5. Sweet, thanks, recently watched the opening to the movie, The Hunger, one of the best opening scenes with Bauhaus and Bowie at the Club.
  6. Yum some Animal Collective for turkey day dessert. Deerhunter is on its way.
  7. Jacco can get psychedelic, let's hope he continues where he left off on last album, thanks.
  8. Haha, reminds me of the Punk fanzines and album covers of the 80's, just remove Reagan, and insert trump, lol. Even has like a Circle Jerks or Suicidal Tendencies font.
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