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  1. Based on Fortune Teller and Kickback, this might be their tightest album so far, holy shit.
  2. I also quite enjoyed Low and Who I Am, Prison isn't bad at all but this one is plain boring.
  3. Wasn't a fan of theirs before Departure Songs, In my opinion they are much better as an instrumental band. DS was and still is a beautiful album. Towers is lovely, I'm looking forward to their new album!
  4. Dig the fuck out of it. Generic? Who cares, it's Northlane, it's catchy, they ain't writing songs to win the public, let them enjoy themselves and their music! Maybe I'm just like the rest of them but I refuse to take the medicine To escape the mess I'm in Outspoken By the voices in my head (BLEGH)
  5. Groovy, me likey. Very atmospheric, almost gives me an Architects-y feeling in some sense. What I'm not happy about is the release date, August is way to faaar away. We don't require a surprise release like last time (although that was neat), but less than 3 months would be much more ideal - plus two songs already released, one played live, so basically 3 months for 7 songs, ehhh.
  6. Let the river run and bury me beneath it all... BLEGH!
  7. All of you complaining should listen to some Breakdown of Sanity, may their br00tal riffs tear your face
  8. Slanty Planty for sure, Architects did great tho, especially considering the circumstances.
  10. They pulled the four months long wait again, come on ffs.
  11. While I agree for the most part, the new stuff for this example from Architects is still different enough for me to still listen to these songs and enjoy them for what they are. Just compare the LF//LT & AOGHAU era to the early days of Hollow Crown or the 'rawness' of Ruin, I just can't mention them on the same page. Yes, LF//LT - AOGHAU - Holy Hell can be seen as a slightly progressing but mainly the same line, and at this point it's up to personal preference whether it's a good thing or not. I, for one, enjoy it. Do I listen to these three records all the time? Of course not. I think diversity is the answer regardless of what we're talking about: music, knowledge, food or drinks, whatever. I like to think of music as some force that has the potential to unite all kinds of people, and even when those people disagree on many things, it's such a beautiful experience when they enjoy something as profound as a concert with the same energy, joy and kindness. Personally, I listen to all kinds of music these days: from classical to hip-hop, acoustics to heavy electronic based stuff, jazz to metalcore to pop-punk, whatever I'm in the mood for. The more I mature, the more I open my ears to new music, but if someone asks what's closest to my heart, I'm always going to answer metal, that's more of a lifestyle to me at this point. (In the same way as Jesse of STYG talks about hardcore in this video (during the first two minutes or so): .) @Space huge love for the Atlanta gif, that was the first point during the show where I went "damn, I love Darius!"
  12. You're definitely not the first to say that about them, that's why I thought of them as well when I read your post. Although I love their music and I find diversity between albums and even within albums, what some people call repetitive or even boring, in this particular case I like to call consistent. Consistent in a way that they stay true to their original sound but still manage to evolve without diverting so much that people start calling them sellouts (just think about Parkway). In this sense, I feel Parkway Drive and even Architects have a greater diversity (PD especially) between albums than ABR (which doesn't have a connotation for me, they are just different in that sense).
  13. do you put August Burns Red in that box as well?
  14. lol, you need to check out Silent Planet
  15. nah dude, DGD fanboyism is still too high for that
  16. go and give it a listen, this 128 is very good (trust me, I always avoid 128 rips but this one rocks)
  17. Yung Garr't comin at us with the philosophical references! All hail XPlantacion de Silentura.
  18. Surprisingly good sounding 128kbps files. AOTY-wise, I'm going to wait for Holy Hell, however much I love the boys in Architects and their music, I feel like WTEB is the AOTY. Well done Silent Planet, I'm so proud of you.
  19. Yes, one can certainly feel the progression, although I'd say that their "new era" sound-wise begins with LF//LT, which was more distinct from the era closed with Daybreaker. I love that they are finding a golden mean incorporating electronic sounds, I find that it really compliments their work. I feel like this next record is going to take another step toward this electronic sound while staying true to their profile based on the last two records. I'm still yet to check out Sylosis, but it's going to interesting whether we can hear Josh's influences in Holy Hell. I heard that some people are truly missing him from Sylosis, so it would be nice if he lived up to the void left by Tom and came out with some creative writing on HH, it's such a challenge when you replace someone so influential. Personally, I've last seen them in last August, but I'm looking forward to seeing them again in 2019 [hopefully], Architects always had a live presence I loved, these new songs shouldn't disappoint either live. On a different note: thank God for not announcing the album 3-4 months in advance, the anticipation and waiting is horrible when that happens. If you're interested in the layering in Gone With The Wind, check out this video, it's really intriguing to see how it's built up:
  20. Excuse me for my mistake, the latter paragraph was meant for anyone complaining about the song, not in the least bit for you. I should've made it more clear the first time, sorry. I agree that there's a lot of pressure on the boys, but I'm hopeful: even if Doomsday was built on earlier riffs and pieces by Tom, Hereafter and Royal Beggars are giving me hope. I love to look at the whole picture, how the album flows from one song to another, and I expect (like everyone else) nothing less than awesome from them. AOGHAU is really up there, but as you've stated earlier, the rest of their catalog is joy for me as well. Again, sorry for the confusion, the dislike part wasn't meant for you.
  21. Don't forget Silent Planet's WTEB coming out a week before Holy Hell! Honestly, the second half of 2018 is heavy as fuck.
  22. I like all three pretty much and somehow the melodies, the structure, everything pulls me to Royal Beggars. Biased or not, Architects is getting better with every release, and I endorse the fuck out of them, these guys deserve every bit of praise. To anyone complaining: You don't like them? Great, opinions differ, let people dislike songs you love, it doesn't matter if others don't agree with you, it's all subjective. Live and let live. (edit: "To anyone complaining" added for clarification.)
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