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  1. I liked Skydiving, wasn't a big fan of Giants but wow, this song is surprisingly good. Thanks! ♥
  2. Liked Blueprints, like this even more. Deadweight has its harder hitting and softer songs, and as efeesh said before, this is more diverse on the guitar front. For fave I must go with the heaviest song, Disdain, but I loved Don't Let Me Fade Away as well right when it came out as a single. 2017 is such a strong year and we still have new August Burns Red, Stick To Your Guns (True View ), PVRIS, My Ticket Home, Thy Art Is Murder, Counterparts ahead of us plus a slight chance of new Parkway Drive. 2017
  3. My body is readyyyyy.
  4. Yes! Yes! Yes! Finally! And it's coming in October, just a week after new August Burns Red and My Ticket Home, what a month it's going to be. Awesome song, many thanks!
  5. Their older stuff sounded more "like every other song" than the ones on Found In Far Away Places to me, but that's just my opinion. Great single nonetheless, can't wait for the album! Oh, and on the same day as new My Ticket Home! Hype!
  6. This album is gonna be a banger for sure, let's go!
  7. You want progression? This is how you progress! I love MTS with all my heart, this album is beautiful without a doubt. Heavy, interesting, flows together. If I had to describe it in one word, it would be: unique. You won't find many bands in the genres like them, don't sleep on them just because they don't stay the same throughout their career. Booka's a nice addition to the band, her voice fits them well. I remember talking to Sean back in 2015 after a show whether we'll have 12" records of their albums, and while he wasn't sure at the time and it was unlikely for Old Souls at the moment, he assured me that there comes a time. I didn't regret preording Worlds Apart after hearing Fireworks, this album is perfect, I can't wait to watch it spin on my deck. Favourites: Grinding Teeth, Vortex (wow), Midnight Run but there's not a single track I don't like. Definitely an AOTY contender for me, DGD ain't got shit on these guys. AOTY contenders Edit: We had Mesmer from Northlane, PVRIS and Wage War coming in August, Logic's Everybody, probably new TesseracT, While She Sleeps' You Are We and who knows what else, let's see what Stick To Your Guns got for us later this year!
  8. 320 ALREADY? WHAAAAT. Thanks guys, gotta discontinue my day and listen to this immediately.
  9. I'm also concerned about the mix: - let's make the vocals as quiet as possible - why? - idk, why not? - okay... and then the vocal tracks got lost in the sea and were never seen again
  10. Yes, exactly! Great album overall, but too much electronic elements in a few songs for my liking, like Berry Streets and Feel This Way. The singles got me hyped up and the whole picture was a let down. I hoped that they can do something even better than Grow, but unluckily, this album isn't it. It's still a solid 7.5/10, but Grow is so far their best yet. Favourites: Waterslide, Sleepy Tea
  11. OH SHIT, I've just realized Homey is out tomorrow as well. Aw yissss. Regardless, not a bad album but none of the songs stick out on it's own, which makes the album a little dull, but at the same time, it has a nice flow throughout. I'll definitely listen to it here and there.
  12. These guys can't do wrong. I might even say that Homey will be better than Grow (although I love Grow) because the whole chill vibe they aimed for.
  13. Outstanding album from them with amazing clean vocals. Faves: Shadows Inside, My Sorrow, Under Fire, Never Let Me Say, Lost in the Grey. Recommended!!
  14. Favourites are Mad Season, On Our Own. 97 Again had a nice vibe throughout until 2:00 - what happened there? 30 seconds of :// In all honesty, RIP was unexpected but catchy as fuck. The album itself isn't bad, sometimes repetitive, the vocals can get a bit dull for me after longer listening sessions. At least it's perfect for working out, gives a "keep on pushing" mood. 7.3/10
  15. Sorry.