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  1. Absolute shitshow, both PVRIS and Glass Animals (and who knows how many more). At least we have this one on the site...
  2. I thought the same! Wasn't a big fan of Breaking the Mirror, but I can get behind this.
  3. Exactly my thoughts. The same goes for Bury Tomorrow, they should've followed through with ABR and ATL on April 3rd, but they pushed the release back 3 months, to July 3rd (just a week before PVRIS). Unfair towards their fans if you ask me.
  4. This song had so much potential for a simple but heavy song, but the chorus kind of ruined it. It's still not bad though, just would be much better without this particular chorus.
  5. Based on Fortune Teller and Kickback, this might be their tightest album so far, holy shit.
  6. I also quite enjoyed Low and Who I Am, Prison isn't bad at all but this one is plain boring.
  7. Wasn't a fan of theirs before Departure Songs, In my opinion they are much better as an instrumental band. DS was and still is a beautiful album. Towers is lovely, I'm looking forward to their new album!
  8. Dig the fuck out of it. Generic? Who cares, it's Northlane, it's catchy, they ain't writing songs to win the public, let them enjoy themselves and their music! Maybe I'm just like the rest of them but I refuse to take the medicine To escape the mess I'm in Outspoken By the voices in my head (BLEGH)
  9. Groovy, me likey. Very atmospheric, almost gives me an Architects-y feeling in some sense. What I'm not happy about is the release date, August is way to faaar away. We don't require a surprise release like last time (although that was neat), but less than 3 months would be much more ideal - plus two songs already released, one played live, so basically 3 months for 7 songs, ehhh.
  10. Let the river run and bury me beneath it all... BLEGH!
  11. All of you complaining should listen to some Breakdown of Sanity, may their br00tal riffs tear your face
  12. Slanty Planty for sure, Architects did great tho, especially considering the circumstances.
  13. All aboard the HYPE TRAIN MY ROYAL BLEGHARS!
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