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  1. And peasants fucking said my boy Sean couldn't scream anymore. Suck me off, ya flogs. I AM KEEN to see these cunts on Sunday. This is fucking killer. Forever my fave band. Get among it, they deserve all the recognition they're getting lately.
  2. This is fucking mental. It's skull-fuckery of orgasms.
  3. Agreed. Also love your new single you got out. Big OOOF.
  4. I know the pain, bro. Just a lil longer.
  5. He's actually left? Jesus christ. The first time I seen them live opening for Make Them Suffer, I was so into them. Then a bit after that, this shit starts. If she's just ruined his life from something that was consented, in the end. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Ty for the heads up. ^^
  6. Lol @ Alpha Wolf. Hope that band sorts their shit out with that whole incident. As for the rest, not really bothered.
  7. Having pre-ordered the 104$ bundle with merch, this is such a fucking guilty pleasure. I am crying. This band, earlier stuff to now, is absolutely amazing. Thank you so much!
  8. This is hard to adjust too, I think it was because I held Unconditional so close to my heart, idk. Maybe it'll grow on me. :3
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