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  1. You hit the nail on the head. To The Key Of Evergreen honestly hit me so fucking hard, what a fucking song. This new sound vibes that so much and I'm in love. I'm so fucking glad this album did what I thought it was going to. 😭😭😭❤
  2. 100% I cannot wait for this to drop. Pre ordered already. With this and Dayshell coming out on the 11th. I am erect.
  3. I'm getting a dark Amo vibe from this. Though, I don't think I could ever snark at anything TDWP releases, it may take me some time to get used to. I fucking LORDED that Sour Breath cover and this is similar, so I can't complain. The singles have slapped, paint me keen. I wish Switchblade was a single, guess they're saving the best for the album release.
  4. I'll take it for a spin. I'm hoping you're right, thank you guys.
  5. @Satan's Favourite Agreed. Though I did like a lot of songs from QOTC and Blue Lips was great. Lady Wood had like 2 or 3 I liked. Then this, what the fuck happened? I loved her sad, mopey, drug fueled heartache and up beat, catchy chorus songs. The OG version of Habits was absolutely replay-raped after a few break ups. Hahahaha.
  6. Actually my fave female artist, her older stuff was sooooo good. Guilty pleasure, really. But this dramatic change is too hard to adjust to. She just went full turbo lesbian and idk how the fuck to feel. Sadface.
  7. I adore this bitch. Absolute Queen. I'd eat the corn out of her shit.
  8. I think it was a banger. The initial reaction I got from this was O_O .... "Oh" Then after a while certain sounds and chorus' were going through my head and it was songs like Rift, Sleepless, 4D. It really made me want to keep listening. This is insane shit. AOTY for me, hands down. BMTH pulled off doing what they've done. They're headlining over other bands that have been around a lot longer/if not more mainstream than them. They're huge now regardless of what anyone has to say about their sound. I don't necessarily hate the change, but it does get better for some over time. And who's to say they won't go back to their earlier stuff, this could just be experimental. They made a post about it on FB saying they wrote songs about shit they went through in the past, especially Marcus' upbringing. It's meant to be atmospheric and dark/eerie/electronic. Fuck, TDWP did Space EP, which was one of the best EP's I've ever heard that was different to what they're used to. Have a listen to their newest song played Live called Switchblade, going back to heavy shit. Some people just wanna shit on a hype train as much as they can because it's not what everyone else is doing. Pffft.
  9. And peasants fucking said my boy Sean couldn't scream anymore. Suck me off, ya flogs. I AM KEEN to see these cunts on Sunday. This is fucking killer. Forever my fave band. Get among it, they deserve all the recognition they're getting lately.
  10. This is fucking mental. It's skull-fuckery of orgasms.
  11. Agreed. Also love your new single you got out. Big OOOF.
  12. I know the pain, bro. Just a lil longer.
  13. He's actually left? Jesus christ. The first time I seen them live opening for Make Them Suffer, I was so into them. Then a bit after that, this shit starts. If she's just ruined his life from something that was consented, in the end. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Ty for the heads up. ^^
  14. Lol @ Alpha Wolf. Hope that band sorts their shit out with that whole incident. As for the rest, not really bothered.
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