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  1. Yes sure, but my taste is also changing over the years and I kinda dig this tunes more than the older ones.
  2. This shit's nasty as fuck, imo their best and angriest album.
  3. Am I right thats the former singer from war from a harlots mouth?
  4. holy end, it could be my best birthday present, hope i'll stay well
  5. will this be the first single off a new album? the end build up was nice
  6. even as a german guy i barely understand the lyrics of the german version, this is ridiculous but still stoked for the movie tomorrow!
  7. 1. Sullii - You and everything blue 2. Knocked Loose - A different shade of blue 3. Counterparts - Nothing Left tot Love 4. dealer - soul burn 5. La Dispuite - Panorama 6. Cherry Glazerr - Stuffed & Ready 7. Varials - In Darkness 8. Dinosaur pile-up - Celebrity Mansions 9. the devil wears prada - the act 10. Ghostemane - Human Err0r
  8. Oh yees! Can't wait for my mega preorder to arrive! Thank you so much! @dankhill
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