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  1. fuck yes, finally the wait's over. thank you very much!
  2. omg this made me teared up,thanks so much!!!
  3. 1. Arctic Monkeys - Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino 2. Silent Planet - when the end began 3. vein - errorzone 4. architects - holy hell 5. casey - where i go when i am sleeping 6. daughters - you won't get what you want 7. Greyhaven - empty black 8. Sullii - 42 9. Underoath - erase me 10. lil peep -COWYS pt.2
  4. this ep/album (however you wanna call it) rocks.
  5. Woah, after listening to this I really like their sound. And do you mean their discography without this one is like the length of this? 😅
  6. completely new to this band i hope that the hype is real
  7. Even I'm not a big fan of their music thank you for this!
  8. this is so nice, im gonna blaze one after another
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