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  1. this ep/album (however you wanna call it) rocks.
  2. flawless record, thanks so much KL
  3. Woah, after listening to this I really like their sound. And do you mean their discography without this one is like the length of this? 😅
  4. completely new to this band i hope that the hype is real
  5. Even I'm not a big fan of their music thank you for this!
  6. woaah thank you very much! needed this
  7. this is so nice, im gonna blaze one after another
  8. thank you so fucking much!
  9. Thank you so much! Even though Ugh I'm still at work and I can't listen to it. Yet
  10. @Spyro the Dragon no offense, but i saw that Winston said himself they "outgrew" metalcore, but nevertheless thank you!
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