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  1. "Synthesize Her" sounds very fun, i'm gonna check out this guys, thanks LKA
  2. Amazing song, i really think that the vocals fit very well on this type of music
  3. First time i listen to this guys, and they got me already
  4. Wow, this is so sad but so beautiful at the same time... the sadness, but the strength... this is pure art. Lots of respect for Mike and Linkin Park.
  5. It's the first time i've heard anything about this guys, and this song is s i c k. Def gonna keep with them
  6. Fucking Ed is one guitar god
  7. Thanks to FC for your excellent service, keep it going bros!
  8. Nice, particularly the transcodes subject... for sure there's gonna be pretty interesting stuff, I'm interested
  9. The song on the video sounds interesting, gonna check them out... thanks!
  10. actually my face dope as fuck thanks a lot Rorschach
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