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  1. Someone has epilepsy and shouldn't be typing off their meds.
  2. Funny that, 'cuz I literally just described what happens in the music vid for Goodnight Alt-Right.
  3. I like the music, but can the singer please be beaten, tied up in his own house and threatened with rifles until he changes his beliefs
  4. Kriminals - Kriminals (2017)

    CANNOT UNSEE I will never be able to unsee.
  5. Lil Peep - Come Over When You're Sober PT. 1 (2017)

    I guess the whole skinny pasty white guy with no shirt and bright accessories and hair dye and too much yet not enough body hair look is back. Someone tell Jimmy Urine!!
  6. Weeping Wound - Growth (2017)

    God I hate chugcore bands. 95% of them sound identical and don't actually seem to know what the term nu metalcore actually means...
  7. I hate everything about this.
  8. I agree. I don't come on here expecting to read this kind of shit. Also the best thing about this album is it's probably/hopefully the last one ever.
  9. Toned down/took out the rap influences and focused on the post hardcore poppy side. Well that's the opposite of what I want...
  10. Introvert - Gelston After Dark [Single] (2016)

    Hey man if it's what you enjoy go for it. Personally I always preferred it raw and fast. Sorry I sounded so dismissive!
  11. Introvert - Gelston After Dark [Single] (2016)

    I do not enjoy nu metal and downtempo together :\
  12. Emmure - You Asked For It (Single) (2016)

    Actually feels a little bit more like they're holding back something. Unlike their previous music which felt like they were being simple because that's all they knew. This actually feels like they're keeping it simple to cocktease.
  13. Attila - Bulletproof [Single] (2016)

    Yeah there's a definite '90s alt/nu metal vibe in there. Reminds me a bit of what Crazytown was doing before they split up.
  14. Croatian Amor - Love Means Taking Action (2016)

    I'm gay after seeing that picture.
  15. KING 810 - La Petite Mort or a Conversation With God (2016)

    Every heavy song is the same tempo. It's so boooring.