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Worst Wishes


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  1. Definitely my favourite of his releases. Super diverse, and the experimentation works pretty well most of the time.
  2. Damn, leaked 6 minutes after I left for work, can’t wait to listen to this later
  3. These singles have all been really interesting, they need to announce an album though.
  4. i love their s/t EP, this is really good too. Hopefully that Bryan Garris feature draws in some new fans
  5. This was really solid, I was initially disappointed that scream was what they chose as the movie for the bonus track but it was done really well. I was also disappointed that there was only 1 new original track, but the acoustic they released was great as well, guest vocals and all, and that’s coming from someone who hates trivium
  6. second half of the song was unexpected but pretty great.
  7. thats fair, in the end it all boils down to opinions.
  8. i think mothership had the best back and forth synergy between Tilian and Mess, whereas ArSe was much more straightforward from a structure perspective, seemed like a much less experimental record. Also Man of the Year is one of their best tracks
  9. Love DGD and most of their releases but in my opinion, this, Head Hunter & ArSe haven’t been up to par with their previous releases. Mothership felt like the peak of the Tilian era and since then it’s been a decline. Hopefully it grows on me.
  10. I like it quite a lot, I do prefer Transit Blues though
  11. Will Swans entry into this band even spiced up the artwork, lovely stuff.
  12. fantastic, this and green have both been phenomenal
  13. This is pretty good, although I am disappointed that Will isn’t doing vocals, hopefully he does some in the future.
  14. love it so far, plaguebearer is definitely an early highlight
  15. i really hope it tops unholy gravebirth, but i don't think it will, just because that's my favourite track of theirs, this song is pretty solid though, i think i like it more than Three Bastards
  16. love the single, but for those of you worried, they played another track live, "switchblade" and its pretty damn heavy.
  17. Damn I love this, artwork doesn’t really match the song though
  18. That Emma Boster feature is insane, great idea to have her on here
  19. Yessss, love this album so much, reminds me of the score for Mandy a bit, the story of the record is really interesting too
  20. pretty disappointing, even the movements track is pretty underwhelming
  21. Love the riffs in this song, hopefully this album will beat out the EGG
  22. its okay, i don't think this track was the best choice for an acoustic version though, if i could've chosen i would've probably went with Gospel Burnout, or Care. i would've also included Mess.
  23. Hard to lock down one, so I'll pick a few, Atlantis Chronicles - Within The Massive Stream Angelmaker - A Dark Omen Inferi - Forged In The Phlegethon The Black Dahlia Murder - Black Valor The King Is Dead - The Rapture and just for a wildcard, i'll throw in a sax solo Rivers of Nihil - Where Owls Know My Name
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