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  1. its okay, i don't think this track was the best choice for an acoustic version though, if i could've chosen i would've probably went with Gospel Burnout, or Care. i would've also included Mess.
  2. Hard to lock down one, so I'll pick a few, Atlantis Chronicles - Within The Massive Stream Angelmaker - A Dark Omen Inferi - Forged In The Phlegethon The Black Dahlia Murder - Black Valor The King Is Dead - The Rapture and just for a wildcard, i'll throw in a sax solo Rivers of Nihil - Where Owls Know My Name
  3. this comment made me want to check these guys out, i've been trying to find a band to fill the gaping hole casey has left me with
  4. Happened awhile ago, most people forgot about it pretty quickly
  5. They really aren’t scumbags at all. their drummer smashed someone’s else’s custom drum kit, which was a stupid mistake, yes, but it shouldn’t damn the whole band for the rest of their time.
  6. For those of you who don’t know, this band is fronted by Jeremy Bolm of Touché Amoré, definitely worth checking out
  7. They used to be a Post-Hardcore band but they swapped up their style a few years ago, check out their singles "Papa Lazzaroach, Trust No Witch & Literomancer"
  8. These guys definitely need more attention, ever since they switched up their style, they've been releasing nothing but bangers.
  9. is it controversial to say Man of the Year is the best Tilian-Era song?
  10. Only thing i enjoyed of hers was the Bubblebath EP, but this is really weird and i kinda dig it
  11. I liked SFTB because it was more of a unique direction for them to take, even if it didn't always work. That being said, i like this too.
  12. This is extremely exciting, all the singles were fantastic, definitely a contender to be in my top 10 this year
  13. So far doesn't top Dissentient, but its still pretty great. Love the solos
  14. i can understand that, i personally liked the last single but it was basically only because of the breakdown
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