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  1. wasn't a huge fan of the first two singles, but i like this a lot.
  2. last singles were pretty disappointing to me, this one has raised my expectations for the album significantly.
  3. seeing these guys later this month w/ Flub. so pumped to listen to this
  4. damn, just started listening to these guys 3 days ago, good timing
  5. They've always been bad at choosing album artwork, they should've used this one for Graveyard Shift
  6. i agree he did a poor job on these defeater tracks, but i think Yip has done some great work with Movements & La Dispute
  7. This is the first EE album that i actually like. i always thought Dan Watson could do better than what they previously released, and they've finally reached that potential, in my opinion.
  8. first listen was a disappointment, but it grew on me pretty fast. i agree that they need to shake it up though
  9. A little underwhelming. When i heard Patrick Miranda was co-writing this album i got my hopes up, but this first single is a little repetitive, entirety of the last EP is much better. Hopefully the next one is more interesting.
  10. There were moments on the last EP where the vocalist sounded just like Vic Fuentes, namely the second verse in stormalong harbor
  11. this movie was great. such an atmospheric score too, definitely a memorable soundtrack.
  12. At first the main draw was the lyrics, but i eventually started to like it. Can't really explain why.
  13. There's a lot of spoken word in their music with some screaming spread out as well, but their last record had a bit of singing in it
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