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  1. I like it, but unless the whole EP is like this, it is indeed a bad song to release as a single
  2. Not a fan of the Movements cover unfortunately, Stand Atlantic's is a highlight for me though
  3. Really liking the sound of that single
  4. This is really good, buuut i kinda wish the songs weren't written so specifically. ETITB worked so well because most of the songs were packed with metaphors and while you could tell they were based on the novels, it was easy to take them out of context to relate to them more. Its a great album, but i do miss the subtlety of the last record.
  5. Some decent choruses here but that's about it, disappointed
  6. I'm glad they went with a shorter album this time around, loved Side A but it seemed a little inconsistent in quality.
  7. Intro reminds me of Aerials, this song is disappointing though, the stage was great and i was hoping they'd move more in that direction
  8. I really really like Help, but this album sounds not great so far, all 3 songs have been hard passes
  9. Damn, i love that single, gonna check this out for sure
  10. Really love the chorus on this one, not much like anything they've done before.
  11. Nice to see Realizations rerecorded, sucks that Patrick Miranda isn't featured again though
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