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  1. Sleep is great, I didn't like the cleans on The Virus and sleep was a huge step up in that regard
  2. The Virus was fantastic, i think this is my favorite of the singles for claustrophobic so far.
  3. Better than i expected, not their best, but pretty good. Across the Earth is a highlight for me.
  4. This is good after 2 minutes but the first 2 minutes seem more like a mediocre interlude than a good instrumental track
  5. Nothing particularly new but oddly enough, i really, really like this.
  6. Crossing my fingers for a horror movie themed album, cause this is great.
  7. I've seen this argued about constantly, but i've never seen an actual poll of what people enjoy the most. So, what do you think is Dance Gavin Dance's strongest release?
  8. Slow month for me, conform was solid
  9. This is pretty good, but nothing really caught my attention specifically on first listen, i'm sure it'll grow on me though