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  1. first listen was a disappointment, but it grew on me pretty fast. i agree that they need to shake it up though
  2. A little underwhelming. When i heard Patrick Miranda was co-writing this album i got my hopes up, but this first single is a little repetitive, entirety of the last EP is much better. Hopefully the next one is more interesting.
  3. There were moments on the last EP where the vocalist sounded just like Vic Fuentes, namely the second verse in stormalong harbor
  4. this movie was great. such an atmospheric score too, definitely a memorable soundtrack.
  5. At first the main draw was the lyrics, but i eventually started to like it. Can't really explain why.
  6. There's a lot of spoken word in their music with some screaming spread out as well, but their last record had a bit of singing in it
  7. this was unexpected, really excited to see how this stands next to Rooms of the House
  8. Got an ad for their newest single on instagram, these are all fantastic
  9. Strange comparison , but the chorus' of Subhuman & Bad Habits remind me of Bad Omens This album is pretty solid though, attila has never been a band to listen to for the lyrics, but there's actually some moments where the lyrics aren't bad on this one
  10. I'm in the minority of people that thinks "Rooms of the House" was their best album. i'm glad to see some similarities in these new singles to the style of that album, even if they're small ones
  11. ehhh... might keep a couple of songs but this was a huge step down from TTS
  12. Absolutely fantastic debut album, these guys are gonna go places for sure.
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