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  1. Never was too into this album, vampire money is great though
  2. THE FEVER 333 - Walking in My Shoes (Single) (2017)

    A bit repetitive, but its nice to hear some singing in The Fever
  3. Slaves - True Colors [Single] (2017)

    Sounds fantastic, album is absolutely going to be their best.
  4. Attila - Three 6 (Single) (2017)

    oh, yeah. i can absolutely hear the outlawed vibes. thats wild as fuck.
  5. Slaughter Beach, Dog - Birdie (2017)

    Hearing his voice makes me miss modern baseball, damn
  6. Asking Alexandria - Where Did It Go? (Single) (2017)

    I think he said "wasn't me" not "wasn't really" And I'm not really digging this single, or the one before it
  7. Movements - Feel Something (2017)

    This is fantastic, AOTY for sure. I think I still like Outgrown Things better though
  8. Movements - Feel Something (2017)

    Support the fuck out of these guys, they deserve it.
  9. Movements - Feel Something (2017)

    Gonna try to wait, They're selling CD's at their shows already so 320 shouldn't be too long of a wait, i think
  10. Movements - Feel Something (2017)

    Praise KL... My guess is that this is my AOTY
  11. Bell Witch - Mirror Reaper (2017)

    48 minute long song, holy shit. Have to give this a try
  12. Cane Hill - Too Far Gone (Single) (2017)

    God damn, really need to fix my PC so I can download this
  13. Movements - Colorblind, Daylily & Deadly Dull [Singles] (2017)

    It's coming out on October 20th
  14. Movements - Colorblind, Daylily & Deadly Dull [Singles] (2017)

    This album is already shaping up to be perfect
  15. MAKEOUT - Ride It Out (Single) (2017)

    Aren't these the guys who released that video that everyone was losing it over?