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  1. Absolutely fantastic debut album, these guys are gonna go places for sure.
  2. Teacher, Teacher is a banger. Really solid EP
  3. Was nervous about this EP at first, but Acid Rain convinced me that this will be great
  4. this song is definitely a disappointment, but from all the teasers they've posted over the last year, the album as a whole seems like it will be an evolution of dissentient, so don't write them off just yet.
  5. This is good, but i was hoping for something more exciting. Albums still gonna be sick though
  6. 1. Casey - Where I Go When I Am Sleeping 2. Cane Hill - Too Far Gone 3. Gouge Away - Burnt Sugar 4. Inferi - Revenant 5. Rivers of Nihil - Where Owls Know My Name 6. 生 Conform 死 - Circa '94 7. Can't Swim - This Too Won't Pass 8. ERRA - Neon 9. Ghost - Prequelle 10. Shields - Life In Exile happy new year everyone
  7. This song took many unexpected turns, and i dig it.
  8. Finally got around to listening to this, and its really good. I definitely enjoy this more than their last record
  9. I like it, but unless the whole EP is like this, it is indeed a bad song to release as a single
  10. Not a fan of the Movements cover unfortunately, Stand Atlantic's is a highlight for me though
  11. This is really good, buuut i kinda wish the songs weren't written so specifically. ETITB worked so well because most of the songs were packed with metaphors and while you could tell they were based on the novels, it was easy to take them out of context to relate to them more. Its a great album, but i do miss the subtlety of the last record.
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