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  1. Intro reminds me of Aerials, this song is disappointing though, the stage was great and i was hoping they'd move more in that direction
  2. I really really like Help, but this album sounds not great so far, all 3 songs have been hard passes
  3. Damn, i love that single, gonna check this out for sure
  4. Really love the chorus on this one, not much like anything they've done before.
  5. Nice to see Realizations rerecorded, sucks that Patrick Miranda isn't featured again though
  6. God damn this is good, I always wondered if Brett Chiodo had another band
  7. YESSSS... The last album was great, I hope Jeremy Bolm has a guest spot somewhere on Burnt Sugar
  8. This is okay, hoping to hear more choruses like the ones on Help though , that album had great choruses .
  9. I definitely like the chorus in this one better
  10. Sleep is great, I didn't like the cleans on The Virus and sleep was a huge step up in that regard
  11. The Virus was fantastic, i think this is my favorite of the singles for claustrophobic so far.
  12. Better than i expected, not their best, but pretty good. Across the Earth is a highlight for me.
  13. This is good after 2 minutes but the first 2 minutes seem more like a mediocre interlude than a good instrumental track