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  1. Amazing. Just found out they're coming to my city with Rivers of Nihil as well.
  2. Surprised this hasn't come up before, but here's two cause i cut my hair recently That took up more space than intended (sorry)
  3. Loved the singles for this, Behold The Bearer of Light is phenomenal. Can't wait for 320
  4. Never heard of these guys before, after seeing this i listened to their first EP and its so good, thanks for the post.
  5. This is real good. Surprisingly heavy considering the subject matter.
  6. Pretty good, I expected more though, it'll probably grow on me though.
  7. Not great, better than Callout 2 though. Breakdown was pretty good.
  8. international shipping to canada cost me $35 for the mega bundle
  9. Such a good album. Definitely my AOTY so far, even the instrumental tracks are amazing, and i'm usually pretty iffy about those. Considering how specific some of the songs are, its still a really relatable record for me. Super happy that i ordered an album bundle for this.
  10. The singles were so good. Can't wait to listen...