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  1. I recall them saying something along the lines of “somewhere between Outgrown Things and Feel Something” and I hear very little Outgrown Things in this
  2. this band seems to release stuff then disappear for 5 years, then come back out of nowhere
  3. Eh... I have really mixed feelings about this. I definitely think this is their weakest release but there are definitely some good tracks in here. Tunnel Vision, 12 Weeks and Moonlight Lines are pretty solid and can maybe stand amongst some of their strongest tracks. On the other hand, songs like Santiago Peak and Seneca are extremely weak tracks... Seneca sounds like it was written in like 15 minutes, easily the weakest song they’ve ever released. Most of the other tracks are good but I wouldn’t call them great. As a whole this record was pretty damn disappointing to me but here’s hoping it’ll grow on me.
  4. Easily best single, the other songs are decent but this is the raw movements sound that I’ve been wanting from the singles. Hoping for more like this
  5. Ahhh I don’t know, it’s good and all, but comparing it to the singles from Feel Something, it just feels so emotionless. That being said, the vocals are pretty nice. Hoping for some stuff on the record that sound a little more raw and emotional...
  6. Agreed, i still enjoy the record quite a lot, i think Matt is a solid replacement and i'm excited to see where the band goes in future releases when he has more creative input. There are also some standout tracks on this record that sound pretty unique to Matt.
  7. Talk to a Friend is probably the one that stands out the most to me, the first verse sounds like it was ripped right from Beautiful Death. but Eye Opener has a couple moments that sound JC-esque as well
  8. Honestly, i went into this expecting to not really be into it, but it's pretty good. I still prefer Jonny as a vocalist, and i like Beautiful Death more, but this guy makes for a pretty good replacement. The only complaint i really have is that there are certain points in the record where it feels like the song was written with Jonny, and just recorded with the new guy, kinda the same thing that Chelsea Grin had when Tom joined. Not sure if that's what happened or if it's just me. All things considered though, i'll end up continuing to enjoy this band, even without Jonny.
  9. Damn man, Touché really never disappoints me. This is phenomenal
  10. I'm definitely enjoying this more than i did at first, but i'm still hoping for the rest of the record to be more raw & emotional, still gonna end up pre-ordering no matter what.
  11. This is a disappointment, feel something was already a step down from OT, and if this is a good representation of LP2, that'll be a step down from Feel Something. Not terrible, but disappointing for sure.
  12. Another banger. Excited for their EP/album.
  13. Feel like I’m in the minority here, but I don’t find this to be all that interesting. Ludens was much better in my opinion.
  14. this band has been consistently amazing, love everything they've put out since Trust No Witch, and even before that they were a pretty solid standard PHC band. thanks for the post
  15. This EP is phenomenal, hope their new record sounds more like this than Feel Something. Love Feel Something too, but this feels like it has a lot more emotion behind it.
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