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  1. This is so lit. I need a new album from these boys. Way better than Hoodwinker.
  2. I really like this. Hoping this album is better than the last one. After hearing this, I'm really hopeful!
  3. I think Sianvar and Stolas sounded really similar, but couldn't really get into either album (from a fan of the swancore genre). I had super high hopes for ALLB and I just think it's on a whole different level from the other two. So powerful and emotional and will probably be my AOTY.
  4. Thank you so much for this upload! I can already see this being AOTY.
  5. For me, nothing compelling released in April besides Lucky Boys Confusion. EDIT: also, not shown on KL, The Source from Ayreon is probably my AOTM.
  6. Been waiting for many moons for this. Thank you!!!!!
  7. Been really looking forward to this, as I love Haken and BTBAM. Thanks for the upload.
  8. umm, where is Pink Guy's album, Pink Season? That was quality music which I think should definitely be a contender for AOTY.
  9. been waiting this for 13 months and THANK THE KINGDOM LORDS
  10. been waiting for a lot like birds for 4 years and it will be incredible. only album im excited for atm
  11. I had DGD at #1 and ETID at #2! Happy with this list.
  12. Between the Buried and Me- Self Titled (2002) and The Silent Circus (2003) Thank you! You are certainly a trooper
  13. First Place Science Project https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VDCJSGdk8-s
  14. As a person who has DGD, ETID, and TDEP in their top 5 favorite bands of all time, all three albums put out this year were absolutely phenomenal. I would give it to DGD though because they are just so different and their music sounds so satisfying and alternative from the usual screamo. Anyone on here saying Architects should win is off their rockers obviously. AOGHAU wasn't ANYWHERE near the quality of their last three albums and was honestly pretty disappointing. ETID did put out their best album by far. Damn I love that shit.