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  1. The apocalypse starts now
  2. Legendary album. Because You're Lonely is one of my favorite hate-songs lol. A lot of post-hardcore from the 2000's doesn't really hold up very well, but this has aged beautifully
  3. 2020 just became the best year ever
  4. why do i not know about this band? this is incredible. definitely gonna check out some more of their stuff
  5. Oh boy, didn't know these gents (and lady) had new stuff coming out! Well worth checking out. Thanks!
  6. Oh HELL yeah. Based on the singles, this was looking better than PM. Hoping it can contest Volition. Super excited to listen and ty for the upload!
  7. About to destroy my living room. Seriously though, AOTY contender
  8. Such an important and inspirational band. Been following them all the way through and they are the kindest people. Can't wait for them to come near me again. Please support these gents!
  9. i I'm love sex. My contact here http://freeddate.com/id281189

  10. Not sure if I like this more than In Contact, but maybe it'll grow on me. I don't know if they're ever gonna top Graves...This is still a banger though!
  11. This is shaping up to be a fantastic record. I like this more than Canary
  12. The Ghost Inside - Mercy Between the Buried and Me - White Walls END - Necessary Death Amenra - Ritual Protest the Hero - Animal Bones A Lot Like Birds - What Didn't Kill Me Just Got Stronger Gideon - Freedom Dance Gavin Dance - Awkward The Ongoing Concept - Cover Girl Cult Leader - Aurum Reclusa These are just some of my personal favorites/off the top of my head
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