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  1. So refreshing to hear someone actually rap about real stuff... Also, coming from someone who isn't a big fan of rap, THIS ALBUM IS INCREDIBLE. STRAIGHT FIRE. Not sure if better than Therapy Session, but he's definitely still hitting hard. You want to check this out.
  2. Sufferer has to take this. Usually supergroups put out a generic record that's just all the bands' blended sounds, but Sufferer is so different, and an experience really. The record does so well encapsulating the different feelings of anxiety, depression, suicide, loneliness, etc. Really meaningful themes and refreshing songs that will hopefully shape the genre for years to come. Also, this was mentioned above, but where is Caligula's Horse? In Contact is second for me. Pre ordered that bad boy the second I heard the second single and its really incredible. Had pretty high hopes for Enter Shikari and Circa Survive, but both albums were really disappointing and forgettable.
  3. I didn't mean just this song, but the entire album. And yes.
  4. Holy fucking shit. Album of the month AT LEAST.
  6. I said Mindsweep was the best, but I'm gonna change that to Flash Flood. Spark does kinda feel like CD.
  7. It's solid...Being a pretty big fan of ES, it comes across as their worst album. I thought The Mindsweep was their second best (after Flash Flood) and this album has a similar sound to that but the songs just feel weaker. Maybe it'll grow on me (hopefully!). I'll give this 7/10. Nothing to write home about, but not horrible. I'll listen to it for a few months and then probably never again. Definitely not AOTY...Sorry ES.
  8. I'm a huge fan of progressive metal, but The Contortionist just doesn't really do it for me...I discovered this band from hearing Songs for No One and was instantly hooked. Their earlier stuff is good, but I think this album is their best work. They sound extremely similar to Leprous, which is a very good thing. Check this out though!
  9. Amenra will change you. I honestly didn't even know anything about this album and then BOOM I see this. Just check this band out. A Solitary Reign is becoming one of my top songs by them. Thank you for the upload.
  10. Backed this two and a half years ago and have been on my toes since. This is so fantastic.
  11. Never heard of these guys, but DAMN this is fantastic
  12. CONVERGE Silverstein Make Them Suffer
  13. what in the what
  14. Thanks for the upload! I'm expecting this to be a bit better than their last. Maybe on par with TIHTWS. It's amazing how long these guys have been at it.