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  1. Hits you hard, hits you fast. Damn. The cleans somehow remind me of Prawn. Louisiana Purchase is hilarious. Album's great, I'll give the other works a listen as well. Edit: Just gave hanataba a listen. I have no idea how to react to any of it.
  2. It took a while for this EP to grow on me, I'll admit. The addition of Barker on drums was odd sounding to me, but only because I was already so used to n,n's previous sound. That being said though I can tell it's going to be one of my most listened to EPs for the rest of the year.
  3. Yo these guys go hard with traditional Korean instruments. It's actually hilarious in the best way possible. My sole reference is their song Time of Extinction.
  4. Andy Cizek had a hand in this and it's fucking great.
  5. Came because of the album title, stayed because the music is actually really good. 9/10
  6. Good God, Cizek just makes everything better.
  7. Holy shit I didn't even know this was coming out. This is everything I wanted it to be.
  8. Andres proving that the Toyota Camry is the most lit vehicle in existence.
  9. Every single from this album has been wonderful
  10. Good GOD people sleep on this man too hard.
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