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  1. Can't wait for these boys to drop a new album. Thanks for posting.
  2. Pre-ordered this back on October 23, 2018. FINALLY, get to listen to it! Hopefully the pre-order will be here before the end of the week. Thank you for posting!
  3. Forgot to grab this when I seen it. Thanks for posting.
  4. Love anything Matt Heafy, thanks for posting!
  5. Awesome, can't wait for this album in October. Thanks for posting.
  6. No kidding, honestly didn't know that. That's awesome for sure, always love when bands do that kind of stuff, think it's my inner dork talking lol
  7. First thing I thought of when I seen the title was of that old PlayStation game - Classic stuff lol Good song here too, looking forward to some more, thanks for posting.
  8. Can't wait for the EP to drop! Thanks for posting.
  9. Awesome, been counting down for this one. Thanks for posting.
  10. Thanks for posting, always enjoyed me some Seether. Looking forward to the new one for sure.
  11. Fantastic, thanks for posting. (Also that post above me lol)
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