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  1. YES! Awesome surprise to come home to after work. Thanks for posting.
  2. Love these dudes, can't wait to get the pre-order. Thanks for posting.
  3. Been checking since the beginning of the week for this bad boy. Thanks for posting.
  4. Can't wait for the rest of this to drop. Been great so far. Thanks for posting.
  5. I still jam to Karate here and there. This isn't too bad either. Thanks for posting.
  6. Thanks for posting. Been looking forward to this one!
  7. Thanks for posting, looking forward to the new record.
  8. I haven't jammed to these dudes since Irreverence dropped. Need to get caught up for sure. Thanks for posting.
  9. Heard this earlier.... Fantastic song, can't wait to hear the rest of this opus. Thanks for posting.
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