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  1. Wow, I completely forgot about them. Use to be my part of jams back in the day. I'm getting too old lol Thanks for posting!
  2. Great song! Thanks for posting. EDIT: Thanks for the extra tracks!
  3. Was going to wait this out for my pre-order to arrive, but unfortunately that won't be till Tuesday at the earliest. So here we are, lol thanks for posting for sure, been waiting on this one!
  4. Love some Chris Barnes! Can't wait for the rest of the album. Thanks for posting.
  5. Will do, checked out the trailer for the first one, looks pretty cool for sure
  6. Well, until November 27th, YOU GET NOTHING! YOU LOSE! GOOD DAY SIR!
  7. According to a bunch of news sites the new album is dropping November 27th.
  8. Beast of a song with Jamie, thanks for posting!
  9. According to a couple music sites they are suppose to be entering the studio "Any week now". So hopefully early next year we'll be jamming a new record. Maybe luck out and get a new single before the end of the year!
  10. Been waiting forever for some info on the new album. Finally tomorrow, it seems we are going to get it! Thanks for posting.
  11. Thanks for posting the FLAC! Can't wait for my pre-order to come. And still much love to @APsychosPath for the original leak.
  12. Eh, it's OK, definitely not as good as the original. Thanks for posting.
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