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  1. Curious to hear this one, should have added The Heretic Anthem cover by Periphery but still pretty solid track list there. Thanks for posting.
  2. Pleasant surprise here, figured it wouldn't drop till leak day. Thanks for posting, been looking forward to this one!
  3. I did come across that, they did announce it today. Thanks for the reply dude.
  4. Good stuff here, thanks for posting.
  5. Did Spite announce this album anywhere? I didn't see anything on their Facebook about it. (Thanks for posting BTW)
  6. Thanks for posting, definitely looking forward to this one next month. Just sucks that it'll be the last with Vinnie :-(
  7. Awesome, been waiting 13 years for this one. Thanks for posting.
  8. Heard this earlier and it is fantastic, can't wait for the rest of this beast. Thanks for posting!
  9. Absolutely cannot wait. Thank you much for posting this Lord
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