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  1. all these songs are already in his last album why is this ep even a thing
  2. track 1 is ok, and track 2 is very good with some interesting sounds
  3. the video is so creepy, like what's up with that horse scene, and some of her tattoos are hideous, the song sounds basic as hell, so far the only one that really got into me is clementine
  4. I think you should post his other works if you could! like Onlychild and Nekokat
  5. It was meh at first, I didn't hate it, but after listening like 3 more times it's very catchy. And the lyrics are just honest, about love; could be boring too. I still expected other kind of sound rather than just full pop.
  6. it just sounds the same as all time low, it could easily be an atl song, doesn't change the fact that is good
  7. once you are as interested in money as she is, then you wouldn't care what you would wear or what music do..
  8. pretty meh tbh, the best one until now is Pressure
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