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  1. hell yes!!! been waiting for this one!!!
  2. I'm actually very excited for this album!! Gonna listen now. Thanks, KL!
  3. I just had the same reaction. I was like, holy shit.....new Dead Letter Circus!!!?? then I saw it was only acoustic. oh well. I'm sure its still good! thanks!
  4. I can appreciate that. totally. alls I am saying is that I try to stay open minded when it comes to music and what styles each band is doing these days. as long as it isn't pure garbage....I will probably enjoy it.
  5. I am really liking this. the video, that is. gonna check out the whole album now. thanks, KL!!
  6. guys....I am probably older than a lot of you in here and I mix and DJ music for a living. I can honestly say that I enjoy almost every genre out there. I know what its like when a band you like switches things up and puts out a record of a new sound. but sometimes, that is what bands have to do to survive. sometimes, its just how things naturally progress within that band as they grow and change. sure, I will always love the Paramore of 10 years ago. but I try to support and appreciate where they are heading. I cant hate on this album at all. sure, its different, but its new and exciting for them as a band. and I cant hate on that.
  7. wait wait......is this THE Warrant from the 80's?? Their lead singer died! I guess they got a new one!? Hrmm.....out of sheer curiosity I am going to check this out lol.
  8. I am so excited for this release. Got turned on to these guys with their last release and I can't wait to give this one a listen. The singles have been amazing so far!!!
  9. i agree...there is just too many good releases coming out over the past few weeks that i almost missed this one! and i frickin' LOVE these guys!!! their last full-length was one of my top releases of 2014!!! again, another pleasant suprise, as i had noooo idea this was coming out! yaaaay what a good day!
  10. never heard of these guys until the single was posted here recently.....and i am really diggin' them! like someone said earlier...what a pleasant suprise!! this is really good!!
  11. soooooo happy that this is here! these guys are from my city and i couldn't be happier for all of there much-deserved success!!! can't wait to listen to this tonight!!
  12. i had no idea this was even coming out. they JUST released that EP not too long ago! obviously.....I heard the singles from this as each of them came out......but had no idea that they 3 singles were leading up to a full-length! what a nice suprise! Thanks, KL!!!
  13. gah!!! this is sooooooo good!!! finally getting around to listening to it! thanks, KL!
  14. another pleasant surprise from KL. i have never heard these guys before and i am totally loving this
  15. well i must say, never heard of these guys before and i am VERY impressed. i love this site because of the little gems like this that you find here!