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  1. My favorite Prodigy song, but this cover doesn't come close to matching the energy of the original.
  2. Some decent covers. The Manson cover is cringe inducing though. Vox just don't fit at all.
  3. This song should've made the cut for The North Corridor (the standard edition). Not new, but still love this song.
  4. When they first announced this and released Bringing It Down 2.0 I had hoped they'd redo the whole thing with a more pronounced string section. This is just a deluxe edition of the original album.
  5. Meh. Huge fan of their old stuff. Thirteenth Step is one of my favorite albums in general, but this....there's just not much here. Just because it's different or lighter doesn't mean it's more mature. Maynard's vocals sound bored half the time, with so many lyrics ripping on pop culture, religion, and politics, sometimes even using the same phrases, that it just starts to blur together. There's very little of the balance between tension and relief that defines his vocal style. The rhythm section didn't have much drive to it, which was a highlight of their older stuff. The song Eat The Elephant is the worst opening track I can think of. It does nothing to draw you in or make you want to hear more. Like Disillusioned, Talk Talk, Delicious, and Hourglass, but the rest is pretty forgettable to me.
  6. I love it, but for all the people gushing about this being the heavy sound they missed, listen to this and then listen to Bury Me Alive. They've never really strayed in terms of heaviness. I think people base too much of the judgement off of the radio singles and not by listening to the albums start to finish. Each one has had a pretty good balance of light and heavy.
  7. Doomed was Puscifer 2.0. THIS is A Perfect Circle!
  8. This sounds more like it belongs with Puscifer. Not too surprising since 3/5 of the band overlaps. It's not bad, but hopefully it's not representative of the rest of the album.
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