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  1. It was supposed to been unplugged, per this article. YT version of 3am unplugged embedded. Hoping a corrected version is posted. https://calibertv.net/news/halsey-releases-manic-confessional-ep/
  2. @ally Unless this has been updated, these aren't the stripped down versions. I finally got around to adding this to my library and it's just the same as the album version for each track. Any idea on this?
  3. Imagine being immature enough to downvote someone's post although it had nothing negative to say about anyone. Grow up @Exsanguination45.
  4. Besides Loathe, in terms of heavier albums, Deftones/Misery Signals/DGD all released albums that I thought were pretty middling within their OWN discography, but still in a class far above the majority of the overall music landscape. I'm someone who loves almost every release all three have done for years, though. Svalbard's album is something else too, just beautifully heavy and layered. Protest The Hero delivered as usual. For alternative/rock stuff, Bitch Falcon's release this month was really cool. They are an emerging band but they took on a new sound on this album that calls on everything from indie to art-rock to heavy post-punk to shoegaze. My three fav albums this year all came from electronic/pop artists, although Poppy's album was more or less a full-on metal album.. hers, for sure is up there. My ultimate favorite Grimes, just released one of the most diverse albums I've ever heard this year; you can't really put a genre on that album but it's got a decent amount of densely heavy music influence for an electronic-pop artist. Purity Ring is still just making beautifully written, heavy groove witch-house electronica that is getting more and more melodically accessible but still retaining plenty of emotion and artistic integrity. Also for pop stuff, really loved Charli XCX per usual. Far from a complete list, but that's a handful of my personal standouts.
  5. It was a pretty easy ten for me. I see some pretty glowing reviews with much lower scores that make me wonder what people were hoping for and not getting. The creativity is there, the band's evolution of sound is there, the emotion is there, the execution is there. Wonderful shit.
  6. Definitely my favorite aoty in metal categories. A small handful of albums in this pretty strong music year are going to be in my all-time top tier status area and this is definitely one of them.
  7. Solid choices. Really glad November is on this, one of their most underrated. Already heard the single release for that earlier, but plenty of good throughout here.
  8. While I did think the times I saw them full vocal were the better experience, I'm still absolutely in sync with your overall points. I certainly never held a grudge against them or expected Spencer to either screw up his voice trying to sing sick or sound terrible for the audience like the other guy. I don't think some people realize that if you try to sing difficult high register parts with a jacked up throat that you literally cannot hit those notes. The voice is an instrument. I can't imagine that poster saying Misha should finish the show if he lost his top three strings and no one was able to give him a replacement guitar or strings. It's literally a huge part of his vocal instrument range needed to perform.
  9. Oddly enough, actually one of the three or four times I saw Periphery several years back (think it was the first time), it ended up being a surprise instrumental set because Spencer had a throat thing come up literally that day. They were literally my favorite band at that point. I think it was just before or right after P2 came out. I was slightly bummed but I still had a good time. People just have to remember they are humans just like us. Could see Spencer standing off to side of the stage waving to fans and rocking out best he could.
  10. Upcoming Plini also to fill that niche. I'm def ready for more Polyphia too.
  11. So you mean you heard 4 different stolen riffs from Botch? (Just having a laugh guys, I'm a huge fan of Norma Jean)
  12. Aw damn, does the board poll format actually limit it to only 30?
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