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  1. This has a bit of a Maylene and the Sons of Disaster vibe to it, and I'm all for that
  2. I love the community, but my schedule is all over the place right now and I barely have time to focus on what's already on my plate. In the future when things settle down I'd probably consider it. This is a great way to preview music and buy the albums that I love!
  3. This is going to be stuck in my head for the foreseeable future, so damn catchy
  4. So Mark and Alex finally made a father/son band, I love it!
  5. Their last album was really well put together, excited for new material!
  6. Don't sleep on this band, very excited for the new EP!!
  7. For me it was close between The Silver Scream and Holy Hell, glad to see them both in the top 3.
  8. Best live performance I've seen in ages, I can't wait for the full album
  9. These guys just do it right, looking forward to the new album!
  10. Featuring Bill Nye? Okay, I'll check this one out...for science
  11. Just in time for the gym, thank you!!
  12. Gimme some Deathpunk!!! Awesome!!!
  13. Unexpected collab, but I dig it! The guitar player Ian D'Sa is in the video too
  14. Saw these guys open for the Foo Fighters, one hell of a frontman!
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