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  1. I feel like this song might have had some potential if they'd actually expanded it. Had +44 vibes at the start and then realized the track length was under a minute. At least Sum 41's new album is shaping up nicely so far.
  2. I actually really like Speak Now because the songs on the album are fairly diverse and experimental for her, Red is also pretty solid but since then she has just kind of devolved into stale and uninspired pop songs.
  3. Decided to wait to listen to this when I was in the gym, another solid release from these guys. When 320 comes out I will enjoy it with several beverages from my viking drinking horn.
  4. Alpha Wolf and After The Burial on the same day? Looks like I'm throwing weights through the ceiling in the gym tonight. Thank you!!
  5. Didn't know about this band, but glad I gave it a go because this album is absolutely wicked! KL does it again, thanks for this!
  6. These guys just do pop music so damn well, can't wait to listen to this! Thank you!
  7. This has a bit of a Maylene and the Sons of Disaster vibe to it, and I'm all for that
  8. I love the community, but my schedule is all over the place right now and I barely have time to focus on what's already on my plate. In the future when things settle down I'd probably consider it. This is a great way to preview music and buy the albums that I love!
  9. This is going to be stuck in my head for the foreseeable future, so damn catchy
  10. So Mark and Alex finally made a father/son band, I love it!
  11. Their last album was really well put together, excited for new material!
  12. Don't sleep on this band, very excited for the new EP!!
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