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  1. This song grows on you after a few listens, but I have to echo what others have said and express how much I miss the sound of What Are You So Scared Of...
  2. Really nice dudes with awesome music, I hope they go far.
  3. Wake up and check for Seaway, get new Architects, today is a good day
  4. These guys were the next big pop group, what happened to Seaboiz? What's with these tasty summer jams?
  5. Crying pizza sauce tears, this is fantastic
  6. September 15th
  7. Some Disturbed vibes, wonder if the lead singer types in all caps
  8. I was a fan of Blind Man but didn't really pay attention after, this sounds promising
  9. If you know of The Spacepimps, this is the same band, they just changed their name because they felt it was holding them back
  10. Very excited to hear this because I know the guy (Derek Hoffman) that produced the album and the dude has a fantastic ear for music! Thanks!
  11. This might be the first album to compete with You Are We for AOTY for me, three absolute bangers so far.
  12. They're all just trying to smooch some butthole. MechaCKY is now called 96 Bitter Beings, that's the stuff I was referring too. It has the riffs and the layers of a true CKY song. Deron had his issues, but he appears to have cleaned things up. He put out a new Foreign Objects album called Galactic Prey that was pretty killer as well. People keep saying they're pumped for Warped, but I wouldn't be given the line-up.
  13. Much more excited for Deron's new project 96 Bitter Beings, something lacking in this and it's probably Deron
  14. They were one of the first bands to get me into the scene when I first heard Arrivals and Departures....damn I feel old
  15. To think I used to see these guys open tons of local shows many years ago and also used to hang out with their one guitar player at shows when he played in a band called Call The Cavalry....amazing to see how far they've come!