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  1. I thought I was the only one LOL. So pleased with this release!!! My pre order arrives tomorrow!
  2. Caught off guard with this one!! Glad they are back!!
  3. Whoa!! Never expected to see this band on here.
  4. Man, this gets close to The Discovery good. Just short standouts: Disconnectome, Cycles of Tragedy, and Analogs in a Cell, One Without the Other early rate: 9/10
  5. They will never top Moments of Clarity EP lol
  6. South FL represent! PS: Daughtry's new album is included in this link as "Daughtry - Cage To Rattle (2018) [FLAC].zip"
  7. 8.5/10 Favorites: Paved With Bones + The Serpents Tongue
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