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  1. the non-radio rip is out, can we have this updated?
  2. Thank you so much! I freaking love this release!!!!
  3. the fact that you believe racial injustice and political issues is just a "trend" really means you are not listening to their message at all. the second the FEVER 333 came out they announced that they are a movement, that they aim to call out these acts of hatred. the band literally has 3 members who are BiPOC, and they face these problems everyday. one side. they are on the correct side. if you do no agree with their left mentality, and that you lean more right then them then i suggest finding a new band, because you literally do not understand TF333
  4. FUCK YES!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. how can you love a band that is based on all that to begin with if you don't support those views, I can guarantee the band would tell you to fuck off.
  6. not butt hurt. smith street is full of abusing little boys. so fuck them Georgia can sing, she sings with the Australian accent. and if you actually read what i said: made is bold for you to see. I kept my conversation civil, you went on an attack based reply. SOME artist from Australia sing with their accent coming through. because that's, gee I dunno, normal. being from Tasmania, I'm sure you are aware of the lack of touring and lack of bands in genre, hell, even the lack of venues that would feature bands. that aren't 'butterfly effect' or 'luca brasi' (i'm sure you'll have a witty reply about bigger bands touring, i get it) but in all honesty, you dislike the Australian accent the comes through, and would prefer if all bands sounded somewhat American (neck deep looking at you) so yeah, i sing in the way that my accent is there. so what big deal. you claimed Georgia can't sing, that it is hamming it up. that's your opinion. I disagreed. end of that. but then you think I'm salty for being a fan. no, I'm salty because you opinion, being that of your own, is ridiculous. nuff said. move on. don't forget to undervote this reply as well.
  7. are you Australian by any chance? I thoroughly disagree. with the "forced" talking as an Australian, that's how we talk and how we sound. claiming that Australian are forcing it, is ridiculous does LA DISPUTE force their Michigan accent? does APOLOGIES, I HAVE NONE force their London accent? or ENTER SHIKARI force their Hertfordshire accents? does IDLES force their Bristol accents? if an artist is from Australia, they should sound Australian. it's not a must, but it is something that makes sense. My Music utilizes my Australian accent, because, shockingly, I am Australian. so yeah, ridiculous comment.
  8. just popping in to say this release is fucking steller! i fucking love it so much!
  9. from what I found on my phone, these are the bands that i wanted to remember: Tracks 2 bacho LOSTAGE SonoSheet
  10. the cover art is so upsetting i usually indicate this as "first impressions" and i hate it so much. but the band, the music, is so good! japan has so really good pop punk / punk / hardcore / easy core bands when i was in japan for my honeymoon, the selection of hidden gems was amazing!
  11. this is like if CAMP COPE went hard i love CAMP COPE and i think... yep, i love this!
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