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  1. Nice, three out of four of my favorite things.
  2. Love this band. Hope it means a new album soon.
  3. >10 seconds in Yup, I keep clicking but it won't download faster.
  4. Normally I like my post-hardcore more Mewithoutyou A---B Life, and what it sort of turned into doesn't appeal to me much... ...but holy shit this is catchy. I think the lack of harsh vocals is really selling me. This is pretty damn good.
  5. How dare none of you tell me about this project. For shame.
  6. Oh by Symphonic they meant composition like an actual symphony and not clean vocals over a string section. Neat.
  7. Huh. This is a really interesting sound. Kinda digging it.
  8. These beats are fucking ill but his rapping is fucking terrible.
  9. Her flow is really good and she's so entertaining. I'd love to hear her rap on different stuff cause honestly the lyrics are real fucking corny.
  10. No dudes, it's okay, I have a black girlfriend. ACAB.
  11. Interesting. Reminds me of like, mid 00s screamo scene of bands like iwrestledabearonce and shit like that. Though songs are on the shorter side like way earlier screamo. Except obviously a bit grindier. I dig the vocal delivery style, it's that kind of shit that plays around with how your voice sounds and not just doing straight up screams. Only problem is the mix is a little...subdued so it's hard to differentiate instruments. Sounds like it was recorded in a garage.
  12. Oh hells fucking yeah. It's a great cover and I'm foaming at the mouth for some new stuff.
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