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  1. the artist that made this album cover definitely was making a homage to Green Day's Dookie. rather interesting stuff!
  2. I use dbree whenever possible. I don't mind any of the file hosts but dbree has incredible bandwidth for me. Usually say if a file is like 100 MB it'll be done downloading in less than 15 seconds.
  3. I don't believe you're allowed to request for music in this section of the forum, but I can PM it to you.
  4. Strong Thee Oh Sees and King Gizzard influence. The band wears them on their sleeves, but it's done really nicely.
  5. Could easily be the best single they've released from each of the SATURATION albums as of yet.
  6. Why do Slipknot fans get so mad about everything all the time?
  7. Aw, man. Was kinda hoping they'd make a shoegaze or new wave album next. Maybe country blues.
  8. sinn3d

    Björk - Utopia (2017)

    Another amazing work by her. Definitely worth the 71 minutes.
  9. sounds great. lyrics are laughably bad and fake "woke", though. not that it's something you focus on in this genre, anyway.
  10. it actually is powerviolence and noise, though... but if you really wanna get technical then this is power electronics, industrial metal, drone metal, i dunno.
  11. I think we've got a possible tracklist: 1.) Lit Me Up 2.) Can't Get It Out 3.) Waste 4.) Same Logic/Teeth 5.) Could Never Be Heaven 6.) 137 7.) Out of Mana 8.) In the Water 9.) Desert 10.) No Control 11.) 451 12.) Batter Up Hope this helps.
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