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  1. I absolutely cannot stop listening to A Portrait Of. They really killed it on this one. Already know this will be one of my 2017 favorites. The one gripe I might have though, and it's just a very tiny one, is that the song New Room as a closer is a bit underwhelming. I really liked what they did on Joy, Departed and closed out both side A and B with the killer ~5 minute tracks. But, wow. I do think that this still beats Joy, Departed in terms of lyrical content and song structure. Hats off to this band and Mike Sapone as the producer.
  2. I know for a fact I'm going to really enjoy this, thanks so much.
  3. I expected disagreement or confusion, but I just could not take this album seriously. And I'm a Sum fan, especially of Chuck and Does This Look Infected?. I don't post here often either, but I just cannot unhear the Linkin Park and I just had to point that out.
  4. You just keep telling yourself that man. I never thought these guys could sound more cringy / generic than they have since the last decade on this album.
  5. oh hey, didn't know Linkin Park had a new album out.