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  1. @why'dyouhavetoleaknoacf I've pirated albums with a lot more effort put into it than this. I don't give a shit about The 1975, but I'll make sure to download the leak and never touch it on any other services just for you.
  2. The difference being that Chance loves his wife, instead of beating her.
  3. Really brave of Peppa to sample the Kaspersky pig squeal towards the end of "Peppa's Lullaby", it really cranks up the harsh viscera present in the rest of the album up to 11. She's been in the music scene for so long, it's good to know that she's more than just a singles artist.
  4. Bit disappointed honestly, felt like the creative energy was lacking in this one compared to their other projects. That being said, still The Contortionist, still great.
  5. I would rather eviscerate myself with a fork and spoon than listen to half of this overblown australopithecus' trite dumpster fire of an income machine. Overall I'd rate this one a 3.2/10, I feel like too much was left on the cutting room floor.
  6. Trauma sounds about right. The first time my ears met the unpleasant fate of listening to this band, I thought the recording glitched because it kept repeating the same garbage, cliche lines over and over while running through every generic metalcore trope possible. It was meant to be inspirational, but it only inspired me to plunge a q-tip into both eardrums so the screech of a deafening rupture would set me free from the vomit-inducing garbage. That was enough for me to never want to hear this band, or any music at all anymore, for fear of reliving the torture. 9/10, I didn't listen to the album but it's probably pretty good. Neat stuff!
  7. 1. Death Grips - Year Of The Snitch 2. Daughters - You Won't Get What You Want 3. Street Sects - The Kicking Mule 4. Royal Coda - Royal Coda 5. Dance Gavin Dance - Artificial Selection 6. Hail The Sun - Mental Knife 7. Father John Misty - God's Favorite Customer 8. Kids See Ghosts - Kids See Ghosts 9. Movements - Feel Something 10. Underoath - Erase Me
  8. Well that was a trippy low-fi journey. Not sure how I'm supposed to feel about it, but I think I liked it.
  9. Eat your heart out, Death Grips. This is REAL music.
  10. Top 10 Albums 1. Fleet Foxes - Crack Up 2. Eidola - To Speak To Listen 3. Ne Obliviscaris - Urn 4. Father John Misty - Pure Comedy 5. The Contortionist - Clairvoyant 6. Oh Sees - Orc 7. Pallbearer - Heartless 8. Elder - Reflections Of A Floating World 9. The Artificials - Heart 10. Tyler, the Creator - Scum Fuck Flower Boy Top 3 E.Ps Street Sects - Rat Jacket Death Grips - Steroids Hail The Sun - Secret Wars
  11. I'm hearing a lot of Death Grips influences on this album. They drew a lot of inspiration from this song especially.
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