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  1. Okay this. I finally heard this since it's been so controversial and it seemed to infurate a lot of people in here so I decided to check it out. And well, in my personal opinion, this is a bit boring honestly. I love, LOVE the more shogaze-y tracks in here and in my opinion they should have stuck with that sound throughout the entire album, but instead it turned out pretty generic overall. This is the type of music I would hear in a Pull & Bear or an H&M and not bat an eye. Even though it's pretty relaxing and the lyrics are genuinely great, this type of modern over-produced dream pop is just not for me. Hope I don't get hate for this lmao.
  2. Whoa are you fr?!?!? That's incredible, I was hyped for this one but now my hype is even stronger. I wanna wait a little bit for 320 kbps though.
  3. Wow this is really good. I really really love the modern, clean production, very reminiscent and probably influenced by Billie Eilish. This one's going into my rotation for a while.
  4. Yeah I edited RTJ cause I saw it there lmao, have a great listen!
  5. That's pretty good taste my dude! It would be nice if you added a bit more genres in there though. I recommend the new Logic, Blu and Exile and R.A.P. Ferreira records for Hip-Hop, Song for Our Daughter by Laura Marling, un Canto por México by Natalia Lafourcade and Rastilho by Kiko Dinucci for some folk, and finally ENERGY by Disclosure and PLANET'S MAD by Baauer for electronic music. This is if you would like to expand your horizons a bit more Also do listen to @NieR:Automata™, he's got excellent taste for everything J-Pop, K-Pop and more.
  6. God damn next year is gonna have banger after banger after banger.
  7. Downloaded this for the cute album cover, stayed for the excellent music 👌
  8. OH SHIT LET'S GO!!! I'm pretty hyped for this EP but what I'm most hyped for is the album that follows this coming out next year.
  9. Holy...did not expect something this huge to leak today.
  10. This album emulates being in the club so well that I heard it last night and by the time I woke up I forgot I even heard it, there were only glimpses of songs on my mind. Kinda like being hungover in a way xd (I love it though, don't wanna hate on these guys)
  11. It's basically just Guerilla Toss but with different people lmao I still like it a lot though, it scratches that itch pretty nicely, but honestly these guys need a bit more originality in their music. The similarities are so striking that I forgot it was Luge halfway into it and just thought that I was listening to some ultra obscure GT deep cuts I somehow got into my phone.
  12. Oh shit for fans of Guerilla Toss????? This is gonna be fun af.
  13. Wow this is amazing wtf?!?!!! The only bad thing about this is how short it is. I need a full album 😲
  14. Wow damn, I just downloaded this for the lolz but this is actually pretty good. Loving this mix of really intense hardcore and garage rock, switching between male and female vocals is pretty interesting as well.
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