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  1. I think you have more potential than the bands you are compared. Just find your own thing, step aside from this typical djent sound. I like the vibe of the interludes/intros, a specially in Bitter Picture song. It reminds me Lycia - ionia album. Keep them, atmospheric stuff are always good with heaviness.
  2. They repeat themselves but i like Dear Agony album and the last one not so bad.
  3. 1. Nirvana 2. The Doors 3. Korn 4. System of a Down 5. Fear Factory 6. A Perfect Circle 7. Mudvayne 8. Depeche Mode 8. Life Of Agony 9. Slipknot 10. Limp Bizkit 11. Clawfinger 12. Spineshank 13. Killing Joke 14. Type o Negative 15. Duran Duran 16. The Sisters of Mercy 17. Fine Young Cannibals 18. Deadsy 19. NIN 20. Staind 21. Tool 22. Sex Pistols 23. Black Sabbath 24. Oomph! 25. U2 26. Disturbed 27. Moby 28. Guano Apes 29. Deftones 30. Gojira 31. Stone Sour 32. Король и Шут 33. Алиса 34. Агата Кристи 35. Гражданская Оборона 36. Blind Ivy 37. Ultraspank 38. Skrape 39. Switched 40. Primer 55 41. Endo 42. The Gathering 43. Evanescence 44. Ace of Base 45. In Flames 46. Metallica 47. Alice In Chains 48. Lacuna Coil 49. Lycia 50. Flyleaf 51. Samael 52. Emmure 53. Plazma 54. Marilyn Manson 55. Black Light Burns 56. Dry Kill Logic 57. American Head Charge 58. Videodrone 59. Orgy 60. Flush 61. Coal Chamber 62. Rammstein 63. Emigrate 64. Device 65. Dope 66. Taproot 67. Obituary 68. R.E.M. 69. HIM 70. Adema 71. Sevendust 72. Godsmack 73. 40 Below Summer 74. Cold 75. City Of Fire 76. Ascension of The Watchers 77. The Dillinger Escape Plan 78. Error 79. The Black Queen 80. Sepultura 81. Soulfly 82. Snot 83. Incubus 84. Killer Be Killed 85. (hed) p.e. 86. Kittie 87. Steve Jones 88. Faith No More 89. Conform (Australia) 90. Twelve Foot Ninja 91. Over-Reactor 92. Gorrilaz 93. Machine Head 94. H-Blockx 95. Chevelle 96. Ghost Machine 97. Motograter 98. Ivy 99. Azusa 100. Puscifer 101... Im tired... And kinda shocked. I believe every band that you like leaves something inside. I can't choose, position doesn't matter.
  4. Man, bands grew on me when I was teenager and early 20s. Now I know is it my thing or not after first hearing. Many bands grew on me for months because I had poor music horizons like any lad. The only band i can remember grew on me not so long ago( 5-4 years) was Life of Agony. I liked their Unplugged album but couldn't get electric stuff. Now i love them.
  5. Most of all I appreciate musicians' innovations, originality of the sound and this album definitely has it. I didn't like what they were doing before Look at Yourself. Sonicly they were just one of those metal/deathcore bands without their own style. Now I don't even know which genre they belong to, it's really something new. The only band I can compare them to is Conform from Australia, recommend their album Circa '94. Probably people fall into two categories: those who listen to instruments and those who care about the overall atmosphere of an album. I don't care how or what they play as long as the mood of the album resonates with me. This is probably also the problem of today, many people are not initially set up to listen to an album completely, they just highlight what they like and what they don't.
  6. Their best record so far.
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