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  1. This shit is soo goofy like how can you not have fun listening to it haha. Not something I'd pop in a playlist, but still cool. Not sure what people are going on about with this song. Corey Taylor has always struck me as that super popular sensational butt rock kinda guy.
  2. Really hope things work out for this band given all the hiccups they've had to deal with. Great display of talent here on The Silo and their EP.
  3. Dunno about that buddy. As It Is have improved album after album. While Okay was "ok", TGD is peak As It Is just saying.
  4. Ah yes, the only good Northlane album.
  5. For a sec I thought this was Dealer lol. Still tight asf tho. Pleasantly surprised! \m/
  6. CD albums are 16-bit, 44.1kHz. From a CD you can rip the audio into FLAC files which is the same as CD quality. Converting FLAC to mp3 320kbps will give you a smaller file size due to the mp3 compressing and cutting info (essentially becoming a lossy file meaning it is lesser to the CD). 320kps mp3 is generally the best balance of file size and quality. Mp3s cut or compress info that we don't necessarily hear, though anything less than 320 starts to become noticable. Between FLAC and 320 mp3 I personally can't tell a difference. Also never try to upscale lossy audio. Example: Getting a 128kbps mp3 rip from youtube then trying to convert it to FLAC or 320kbps mp3. All you'll be doing is getting a bigger file size. You can't add info that isn't already there.
  7. Thanks. I'll take anything LP related any day.
  8. That would legitimately be so sick if Scar and BMTH did a collab. Just imagine Oli and Scar trading screams like damn
  9. After letting this sit in for a day I have to say that I've retracted my previous reply about the song. Here's my official review: Very intriguing intro. I can see how a normie might be bamboozled when they see this in the trending list on youtube. Has a larger than life vibe to it for sure. Oil's triplet vocal patter in the verses are cool. The sneeze is an odd inclusion that I didn't mind too much but after a while on repeated listens its just gross because every time I hear it I feel like someone just sneezed on me. It's also too on the nose. More on that later. I REALLY don't like the pre chorus or the "please remain calm" part. Oli's gf vocal delivery is just bad. I hate the way she enunciates "the end has arrived". Maybe that's just what they were going for? That robotic female announcer thing just doesn't do it for me. Chorus is GOOD. Though a little sparse it's serves it's purpose and is quite catchy. The post chorus guitar riffing is absolutely fantastic. I love that style of BMTH. The second verse isn't as annoying as it was the first time around given it's a mix of Oli delivering it. Honestly was expecting more out of that breakdown. Not bad by any means. In fact Oli's screams in that part "WAARRR" were VERY reminiscent of Chester Bennington. Linkin Park's song Rebellion comes to mind. More specifically the breakdown where Chester is screaming "REBELLION". The hype for this song was big and people were expecting heavy BMTH, but Oli didn't really do CYB or SS type screams unfortunately (the oh in the break down was very quick and quiet). I was needing that contrast. The breakdown just needed more punch to it. I guess the entire mix / production did too. That last part of the song after the last chorus wasn't necessary. Not unless it leads seamlessly into another song we've yet to hear. I mean it did leave me thinking "what's gonna happen next" so they did hold my attention which is the goal, but it would have been nice if the song popped off again right after that. Like another post chorus riff section to close the song. I think the biggest turnoff for me is just the timing or themes behind it. Back to being too on the nose (pun intended). The sneeze, mentioning of the word quarantine, them describing marching sounds or effect in their making of / videos, and them supporting black lives matter on their social media. It's just too predictable like okay bro we get it. You're portraying being on the forefront of what's going on. Commentating because this is a historical event or whatever. I doubt that side of it will age too well. The post apocalyptic vibe to this and ludens is just eh to me. I makes sense in their style and people like that type of thing but I don't. Then again I don't like post apocalyptic, or dystopian media like The Last of Us, The Walking Dead, Hunger Games, etc... Oh and that video. Let's not forget about that. I don't know what's going on with them or that since amo but honestly their visuals have gotten really creepy. Very off putting and evil looking. It's honestly really gross how people are rallying behind this stuff without a second thought of their deeper meanings / signaling / origins. If anyone can shed some light on the history or any info on their visuals I'd be really interested to know more. Overall I think BMTH have hit their stride and found their balance with the new sound. Clearly it's working as they are bigger than ever exposing people to heavier styles of music. I like it but I'm not over the moon about it as many people seem to be.
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