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  1. Dear lord kingdom and all staff past present and future, thank you from the bottom of my soul for existing. I remember before this site existed, you guys were "the leaders of the collosus" and posted some of my favorite music from almost 9 years ago, I remember mudkipz I remember all the name changes from slade to kingdom to papa slade I remember when you used to let donators stream leaks early (until that douchebag leaked just like you and ruined it) I remember you streaming on Xbox the new I see stars album and god.....the memories are heavy with me right now. I remember all the amazing early leaks we used to get "ahem sempiternal and miss fortune" It is with so mich love and so much support that I say this to you guys. We love you and hope you have a wonderful life lord kingdom and congratulations Thank you for 7 amazing years (9 for me personally) and thank you so much for being here for people to get to know new music Theviolence19
  2. Boy its been awhile since we got new WWM Stephen wasnt lying when he said it would be good though Thanks for this
  3. YO thank you ally my fiances been wanting this one and not gonna lie I enjoy it too
  4. Dude you really gotta call her out like that? Grow up and quit being a prick
  5. I'm currently adding the orchestral intro to the song and putting it up on YouTube here soon
  6. He does have a remix of it on YouTube. Its soo good dude
  7. Didn't he do a remix of smells like teen spirit? I need to donate to reauest more of his stuff
  8. I could also record it in 98kbps, 128 kbps and then 256 and 320 just to troll as hard as possible
  9. It's funny yeah, I kinda wanto cover this song in a deathcore style with just a fucking brutal "bro what the fuck breeeeeeeeeeeeeee" breakdown lmao
  10. On a serious note, why in the actual fuck do we keep getting 128 rips of these garbage songs and then he tries to hype up a 320 update lmao. I'll never understand it
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