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  1. This is more than likely gonna be in my top ten albums of the year
  2. I understand the beggars were annoying as absolute fuck, and this band is kind of cut and repeat garbage, but god damn calm yourself mate. Least people will shut the fuck up about it in chatbox now
  3. People argue just to argue and its pathetic. Also youre a native? Thats fucking dope dude.
  4. He's really not that bad. In all honesty id rather see him posted than say blood on the dance floor etc least he has a little bit of decency in his music
  5. Whoever fucked up this hard, you're fired, whoever gave this to us, bless youre god damn face bro
  6. Fuckin hell this shit slaps harder than my abusive father when he's drunk
  7. Dude....i legit appreciate everything youve ever done for this site man. All the amazing little known bands and just being a good person and admin. I hate to see you go but I will support whatever decision you make for youre mental health and happiness. Love you bro
  8. "Give me the yeet bois, and free my soul, I wanna get tossed in fucking hole and die today" Thanks for this
  9. So I usually split the aspect of personal life and music talent apart when I review this kind of stuff so bare with me I do not endorse or support this rapper in anyway. That being said Besides the over use of the punani nani in the chorus "if you can call it that" and the over use of the N word this song is still decent in the way that it has a nice beat
  10. Dude I'm downloading this they are smashing an down as fast as people can upload an so be weary
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