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  1. love these guys, the way they blend rock,electro, and pop is fantastic. super catchy songs and Chris voice is incredible. great album
  2. Yessssss! I doubt it but I hope someway they offer signed copies of this album!
  3. they do have that new compilation coming in oct lol
  4. checking out as well as modern metal and the album cover intrigue me
  5. What’s the album date and where’d you find it?
  6. Any album date or track list or preorders up yet?
  7. i can confirm the new album is done just likely no new album single till the fall as they said this record theyre going to hold off on releasing as Clint was set to go and solo tour the new album but covid hit and now theyre just waiting for Rise to start the album promoting.
  8. Lol oh that person who brought up the 13 tracks from the Robb Flynn interview with moose was me. I thought you meant you physically saw a track list and album cover. Yeah I’m not convinced this is them
  9. @Burst where did you see a track list? Also find a release date as I keep waiting and waiting for these damn preorders!
  10. Update: so that is the album title on the cover and the album drops 8/28 with 13 tracks
  11. any idea when the deluxe version will be going up? it dropped 5/29 thanks guys!
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