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  1. C'mon now It's not racism, it's just something i prefer don't get it twisted bucko
  2. People go too far on this site man.. it's just music so sit the fuck down
  3. Nothing wrong with Scarlxrd.. And nooo i still don't listen to them though?? Rammstein sound great but i can't vibe with them like that
  4. No i never pal.. i still don't fuck with foreign music like that you clearly have an agenda against me.. and i don't like it different tastes for different people, ever heard of that bucko
  5. can't releate to it : / i mean rammstein go hard but i ain't reading up lyrics bro will you get off my nuts for 1 sec.. it's not racist, it's just something i prefer. it's not that deep
  6. it's a pity it's all in French it's stopped me from really ever getting into them
  7. you mustn't of banned me, cause how can you still see my posts ; )
  8. this must be aimed at bluewalls.. cause i never started shit
  9. you still on about this downvoting stuff.. i never downvoted you, go check : / I liked the BVB cause it was done right, it's that simple. and not everything is "edgy" ffs. Okay fine getta outta here then bro ; ) Okay i missed this, am not a huge fan you see these are some olds songs though, i've heard them before
  10. hahaha what now mun.. it's what i think about most remasters
  11. it's a shame isn't it.. easy cash grab
  12. ahh kinda like a Japanese release only
  13. i hope this isn't a start of a trend of remastered albums.. release something new i don't mind bvb's, cause they're releasing a new album this year anyways
  14. you're the one replying to me..get outta here bro stop hitting my DM's bitching about downvotes too
  15. sorry downvote for you brother you caught the bait when it wasn't even bait.. he's in a Motley Crue biopic
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