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  1. Always love new MM. I couldn't help but feel the vibe of this song is especially melancholic. 🤷‍♀️
  2. Sounds straight out of 2005-2008. Not too familiar with the other band members, but Travis Richter(FFTL/The Human Abstract) is a part of this. For a first single this is mehh, hopefully the rest of it is better.
  3. OooooooooX¹⁰ What a welcome surprise.
  4. Oh man. The Union of Crowns was always my personal favorite from these guys, but with this I might have a new favorite.
  5. Saw these guys live with "The Black Queen"(Greg Puciato). So fucking good. Also, awesome song.
  6. Really digging this. The music video is 👌 Hopefully people check this out.
  7. Aw. Got excited for new In Fear and Faith.
  8. I really enjoy this. Worth the wait. Also love that it's 15 tracks.
  9. Made an account just to say this is awesome.
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