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  1. this is real nice. Thanks.
  2. what exactly does he do?
  3. finally!
  4. Don't let the whimsical Miyazaki-esque album cover fool you. This album kills
  5. Probably the only thing I was looking forward to this week. Thanks!
  6. at least the redeemed themselves from that first single.
  7. LOL
  8. I don't think I was ready for this album. Did not expect this at all. LOVE IT!
  9. This albums is wonderful. It's everything I wanted it to be without even knowing it. This and Authority Zero will rule my summer.
  10. holy shit a saxaphone
  11. was going to do this too.
  12. Already? Its' only been out for 20 minutes
  13. I really like it, although 5 of the songs are old.....but like I said previously I just fond out about them a week ago so those 5 songs are still new to me.
  14. Now i understand why the album wasn't released.
  15. though the same thing.
  16. Never even heard of them until last weekend. I was instantly hooked.
  17. these singles are amazing. Can't wait.
  18. wow, this is great! Love these guys.
  19. I can fucks with this.
  20. Eidola
  21. Never cared for Volumes. Didn't care for the singles, but I care bout this album. Weird.
  22. this
  23. looks like new Volumes is my favorite Volumes. Still pretty blah though .