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  1. Phinehas - Dark Flag (2017)

    real good but that was expected.
  2. Chapel - Sunday Brunch [EP] (2017)

    ahhhh yes, So looking forward to this.
  3. My Chemical Romance - Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge (2004)

    Wasn't judging. Just commented on your "opinion" with my own. But if you want to get defensive that I don't agree with you or somehow think I'm justing you then you've got a long road of fighting people ahead of you. But that's just my "opinion". And it's accept not except.
  4. My Chemical Romance - Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge (2004)

    WTF, you did the exact same thing. Get over yourself.
  5. Fall Out Boy - HOLD ME TIGHT OR DON'T (Single)(2017)

    I still dig them. So what wanna fight about it?
  6. Endur - American Parasite (2017)

    "Lit AF" as they would say.
  7. Vigil Wolves - Antiqua Ignis (2017)

    I was gonna say to post this, but it's here already. Good job. good stuff this is.
  8. In my opinion, the contents don't make a burrito a burrito, it's all in how it is rolled up.
  9. Billy Boy in Poison - Invoker (2017)

    TERRIBLE name, but the artwork caught my interest. Good stuff.
  10. Threat Signal - Disconnect (2017)

    it's the tits.
  11. Taylor Swift - reputation (2017)

  12. Jamie Lenman - Devolver (2017)

    this is a fucking jam.
  13. probably, at least that's what I think.
  14. Toothgrinder - Phantom Amour (2017)

    thanks. This is awesome.
  15. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck yes.
  16. Ghosts Again - Anti-Villains (2017)

    that artwork has real potential, should have done a little more to it but I live the illustrated style. That typography i shit though. But the music is solid.
  17. Above the Grey - Limitless (2017)

  18. The Dear Hunter - The Right Wrong (Single) (2017)

    I love this band more than lots of things.
  19. Limbs - Sleep (2017)

    Only 2 new songs but that's pretty much almost full Limbs EP. SCORE!
  20. Once Almost Never - Escape Velocity (EP) (2017)

  21. The Used - The Canyon (2017)

    NO thanks. Oh how I loved their s/t.
  22. Limbs - Poison / Sleep (Singles) (2017)

    can't be mad at new Limbs songs.