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  1. Holy balls this is good. Yeah most important release today for sure. DAMN!
  2. Pretty much my thoughts exactly.
  3. this is really good. Thanks for the up.
  4. Nice. How about Parasnore!
  5. oh this is good, real good.
  6. Dark for fear of failure an inner gloom as wide as an eye and Fermenting roiling hate death grip in my veins unveiling rancid Petals flowering forth foul nectar the space between a blink and a Tear. Death blooms.
  7. makes me think of the end of "The Grey"
  8. Are you fucking kidding me! I can't even with this band. I mean come on!
  9. Agreed, but also all Blink is good Blink. At least I like to think so.
  10. Oh hells yes. So early and in 320. Sweet Day.
  11. I fell like HTS should have been included in this.
  12. fuck yes. So want a full length
  13. I don't like IHW, always thought they were extremely overrated. Especially when Earthwalker came out it was like I didn't get the same Koolaid everyone else was drinking. I can honestly say though that I am really enjoying this album so far. The cleans are waaaaaaay less annoying which I think was my biggest gripe with them in the first place. Good album, Thanks for the leak and thanks for all the fish.