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  1. i love all of the vocals!
  2. Finally got around to this. A+ album for sure.
  3. good shit, album is looking to be shaping up nicely.
  4. Nope not weird at all. It's a departure from their previous efforts. While AFFOC is an incredible album (i strongly urge you to revisit it) Mindsweep was lacking something for me, but this one is tickling me in all the right places.
  5. Def like this more than Mindsweep.
  6. Pale Blue is epic, no doubt about that but I think this is a nice change for them while still keeping their Johari-ness. Very much looking forward to more.
  7. those Ghost-esque cleans, nice touch.
  8. Johari is incredible.
  9. the real hometown heroes
  10. and somehow FOB is the one that sucks now.
  11. whoa
  12. oldie, but a goodie!
  13. Johari
  14. This album is spectacular.