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  1. Damn, new Black Crown Initiate and Orbit Culture in one day? Christmas came early this year. Thanks!
  2. JESUS FUCKING CHRIST the 'Trakh is back to bring the soundtrack of the apocalypse one last time
  3. Kinda expecting something nuts kicking like Aeon at first 😕 Kinda disappointed tho, but it's still the good ol' Crystal Lake.
  4. Damn, about time! Thank you Summers for always bringing the best shit out there 🙇‍♂️
  5. Usually I liked at least two or three songs on each MRH album, but this one is simply a mess. J-Mann shoulda just stick with Pitch Black Forecast instead of wasting his time in this band.
  6. Lmao I don't even know what to expect with this band anymore. It's cool to hear J-Mann back on doing the shit he's good at, but man, this song is just trash. Three singles, and none of them got the shit that makes me want to hit the replay button.
  7. Been a big fan of LoG since the good ol' Sacrament days, but I gotta say this got to be their lamest album to date. I already got the feeling this album is gotta be a big pile of meh when they released three singles that didn't even leave any impression in me.
  8. Holy shit, this is my first time experiencing so much fun in death metal. Thank you, Summers!
  9. I'm a big fan of Carach Angren's last three albums. Not sure if I'm gonna enjoy this one. Seems like Namtar is the one who bring the magic to this band, and now it's gone.
  10. God, this song is even worse than Seen It All. Skinny is fucking up this band ever since the first day he tried to get his girl to be in the band.
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