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  1. The only songs that I won’t skip on shuffle are House on Fire and They Don’t Want What We Want. Maybe I’ll listen to All Due Respect every once in a while. That being said the best song on this album would be mediocre on the self titled album.
  2. I dont think All Due Respect is that bad. But the others are terrible other than House on Fire
  3. I disagree. I think House on Fire is the only song thats good honestly.
  4. Its literally awful. The best song is House On Fire. Same formula for every song. This is just plain embarassing. At least the self titled seemed like there was a lot of work put into it. This shit just follows the same formula for every song. The only song thats decent is House on Fire. Thank god i checked it out here before i decided to buy the album because i would have been pissed lol
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