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  1. I feel like a new site could be created to replace KL, but it would take loads of studying and planning. It wouldn't be an easy task, but I've found that all it takes to get something done, big or small, is some honest dedication and determination. Who's up for it?
  2. @BlueWall I mean, I suppose I'll try not to involve myself next time something like this happens, but you have to understand what the situation looked like from my perspective. I went back and looked back at the Guy's older posts and can now see that he was a huge dick to pretty much everyone, which I didn't know when I made that comment. I was just coming to the defense of a guy who looked like he was being attacked for no reason. Further more, I was only calling you childish because I legitimately thought you guys were just bullying him for fun. I obviously don't know any of you, so I just assumed that was the case. Either way, I'll try to mind my own business next time I guess. No hard feelings?
  3. @BlueWall @Mr. Electric Umm, you guys who are attacking that guy for disliking Gojira for being French sound so childish. Do you have nothing better to do than to start stupid shit like this? Look, the guy obviously thought they spoke French, and didn't want to listen to them if he couldn't understand the lyrics, which is understandable. I don't listen to many foreign artists for this reason. If he had known that they spoke English he probably wouldn't have said that from the beginning. You all also misunderstood what he said about Rammstien. He meant that he thinks their music is good, but he doesn't really listen to them due to their foreign lyrics. I literally don't understand the people in this world anymore. So what if he has a preference? Isn't music (and all art forms, really) subjective? Is it bad if he prefers music of his own language? How in the fucking hell is that racist? That's like saying that if I don't like Italian food, then I hate Italians. Does anyone even know what racist means anymore?
  4. Well, I personally thought it was pretty (Insert whichever opinion gets me upvotes).
  5. Am I the only one who thinks this artwork is kinda stupid?
  6. Swancore is a genre named after Will Swan, who's known for his unique and complex guitar playing. Most people know him from the Post-Hardcore band Dance Gavin Dance, but he also plays guitar for Secret Band, Royal Coda and Sianvar. The genre is basically Progressive Post-Hardcore/Metalcore mixed with Experimental Rock and Math Rock with R&B, Pop, Jazz and Funk influences.
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