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  1. I highly agree with you. Ever since I started listening to these guys back 2 years ago, I fell in love with them. I am so glad that they dropped the album now, still waiting for my preorder though! Album is 12/10 for me. Definitely a perfect album to start 2019 with! Can't also wait to get some Silverstein this year
  2. Glad I’ve followed them over the past 2 years ❤️ Tyler is such a cool dude. Been talking to him on Facebook a couple of times. These boys deserve to get bigger.
  3. This is good! Damn, good way to start into the new year!
  4. wtf is up this year with all the new crazy bands? this song is 100% me wtf.
  5. No nut November ended after listening to this album. I came harder than ever before, fuck lol.
  6. B A N G E R. If they would drop an album this year, this would be my aoty.
  7. Not sure if i am allowed to do this, but here's the official Facebookpage: https://www.facebook.com/AllAgainstband/ @Ashtiel feel free to remove this post after changing the FB page
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