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  1. Music is the best way to get over a loss. It’s his way to work with toms death.
  2. this made me some creamy creamy panties. B A N G E R
  3. Sleeping With Sirens - ultra trash. I used to like them ( With Ears to See and Eyes to Hear, Let's cheer to this were their best) after those albums it sucked donkey tits.
  4. It’s fucking good! New song tomorrow 😍
  5. KL is sometimes better than pornhub.
  6. Yo this is some good stuff, 9/10. I'd definitely say that this stuff right there is AOTY material.
  7. I knew it when I’ve heard all the singles! Can’t wait to get home and listen to this masterpiece.
  8. Så liten plats en människa tar på jorden, mindre är ett träd i skogen, så stort tomrum han Lämnar efter sig, en hel värld kan Inte fylla det. Vila i frid!
  9. no worries mate, I like this new album a lot! It's just the fact, that past bands were completely ruined by Rise. If it's not, I will remove it can any mods confirm this is illegal?