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  1. its really weird reading all these conversations backwards from the latest reply.. anyways, i didnt know imagine dragons had a new track. v cool!
  2. i.... i want to get this so bad but im a stickler for 320.... just a few more days right? XD XD
  3. it ma boiz are we talking take the earth beneath us days? also parting ways are a great bunch of dudes and i cant wait till theyre actually allowed to release the album theyre sitting on!
  4. loved this band before, then saw them live... goddamn! srsly dont sleep on this shit
  5. whats crowdkill and why do i want to do it
  6. it makes me so happy to watch these two (courtney and mike and i suppose the rest of the band..) gain momentum from such humble beginnings (Unicron and fall in archaea). so many of the early years of my music promotion days were spent dealing with their bands coaxing them into coming to my small northern city where we would maybe have 50=60 kids show up tops. Flash forward to several years late and my pals are releasing singles online to a much larger audience than i could have ever provided. Im so happy for them, im so proud of them
  7. holy shit. christmas is so much earlier than oct 21
  8. im into this! i dont think the song is that strong as a single (maye itll grow on me?) but it shows a different side of tbs fo sho
  9. woah, these are my homies. so weird to see them on here haha
  10. After listening to this album a few times through i can honestly say it gets pretty boring part way through. cut the album in half and listen to each piece on its own and your good. even listen to each track sporadically and youre extremely golden. the singles dont do the album justice, the first two songs prior to one of the singles (the second single if im not mistaken) are so good and lay the groundwork for your enjoyment of the album. and seeing others comment about vocals there were honestly times where i thought to myself "oh damn if there was someone just wailing away over these sick licks, THAT WOULD BE GREAT" it would be great. I even thought maybe the pretentious god himself, jonny craig could suffice. but what we have its an album that starts strong, but ends bland (bu not bad overall!!!). i liked it, glad i bought it on vinyl. would recommend to anyone that is a fan of this band. im also open to discussion about this shit. it would force me to listen to the release more and it would be fun talking about it. namaste also i never comment on posts so please be gentle
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