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  1. oh woah i had no idea. i have literally skipped over this band so many times without realizing this connection, which should have been a connection enough to check out this band each and every time! thank you for the knowledge
  2. this is exact type of comment i needed to download this hah..
  3. So i didn't hate the last album but it didn't do very much for me. But barreling into this head first, I'm actually quite pleased. It's got a little bit of everything and listening to the little details with vocal melodies and overall song building, im sold. Easily on repeat for the rest of the year. AOTY? We'll see, it IS catchy as hell.
  4. Holy shit! The things you never know you needed!
  5. like a couple of comments prior, not something id expected but I am also down with this style of music anyways so.. im into it. Definitely sense it is as a Covid quarantine type song where none of the members need to be together or just a few of them put it together and here we are with some soap
  6. quick search on soulseek brings up a flac and possible non-transcode
  7. and here i thought i was one of the few that still uses soulseek. heck yes also i guess i need to be checking out this album a little more in depth. the single fuckin rips
  8. i admittedly overlooked their previous album for awhile but eventually got soooooo into it. it was basically me as an older sorta punk in music form/ the album was everything i felt and wanted. ths song, maybe i dont connect lyrically but frickin heckin darn bros, this older guy punk rock is what the frick is up
  9. all these singles that are posted over the weeks at KL and i just read 'bayside' and im like a fuckin dear in headlights. not the best of their music but im damn ok with this song. and i guess itll be on repeat for a bit I GUESSSSS
  10. i cant see how anyone can complain about this.. this band has been developing and evolving their sound for years. yes this sounds like it could be a track off of The Spark. and while yes, The Spark was super poppy on recording, it was an entire different scenario seeing any of that album live. Honestly some of the most crowd-wide, mosh worthy music ive ever witnessed (that isnt just some style of straight ass metal). I feel this track and those to come are going to be no different. my boys, here they come!
  11. its really weird reading all these conversations backwards from the latest reply.. anyways, i didnt know imagine dragons had a new track. v cool!
  12. i.... i want to get this so bad but im a stickler for 320.... just a few more days right? XD XD
  13. it ma boiz are we talking take the earth beneath us days? also parting ways are a great bunch of dudes and i cant wait till theyre actually allowed to release the album theyre sitting on!
  14. loved this band before, then saw them live... goddamn! srsly dont sleep on this shit
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