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  1. @artiswar sorry for ping but in regards to your confused reaction almost every time there's a band i like they're shitting on them lol
  2. listen fam i love you but goddamn is there one thread where you aren't shitting on a band (albeit deservedly) lmaoooooooo
  3. I listened to it all the way through and even as a huge Corey fan I don't think I'll be revisiting it aside from Culture Head or maybe European Tour Bus Bathroom Song for the meme. Not a horrible album, just personally didn't find much gripping enough for repeated listens here. Corey's massive ego this cycle didn't help either.
  4. the record label says this record is for their radio hits, not greatest hits
  5. literally what I logged in to comment lmaoooo
  6. They said they'll be releasing the Attention Attention movie first but they're already kicking around ideas for the next LP a few months back.
  7. They did that already for SiriusXM. Their Gone Away cover that's a mashup of Glen Hansard was pretty badass too.
  8. bro what the fuck just finished listening to it and Broken World has a different screaming style from Ivan than usual... the whole fucking thing is almost thrash, almost sounds like a Way of the Fist b-side. I'm gonna fucking cooooooom Edit: Apparently Chris handles the screams there I am big dumb. Fitting he sounds straight out of Amon Amarth lmao
  9. the reviewer who leaked this is getting sued by Federal Prisoner lmao buy some merch, the red double vinyl is awesome looking and you can get the cd bundled for only $3 extra
  10. I don't give a fuck what anyone says the first two albums were amazing and even American Capitalist was decent before they turned into Heavy Nickelback. Way of the Fist was Pantera-lite and had some killer riffage. War is the Answer was more of a radio metal album but had a bunch of decent deeper cuts. The Tragic Truth bonus track that's on here from American Capitalist's iTunes edition is one of their best tracks ever. I hate the sound they developed with Wrong Side of Heaven but they took a step back in the right direction with the new F8 record. I literally cannot remember anything from the two records before it though, completely phoned in. Hoping Prospect Park forced them to make that shitty radio rock because they finally seem to be driven again after changing labels. And even if you don't like FFDP, check out Ivan's old band Motograter which was like a industrial Slipknot. He refuses to talk about it anymore lmao but some of those tracks were awesome. Been wanting to write this out for awhile but never had the excuse lmao inb4 college thesis for monster energy the band
  11. Is that tied into the rap trend of like 25 to 30 tracks on an album with most being filler to maximize streaming numbers?
  12. I have the Iron Fist Edition bonus disc if anyone wants it.
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