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  1. I still think that Feeding The Wolves was their best work; I've been fading away from them ever since. Partially because nothing they've put out has matched FTW, and partially because my tastes have scewed more metalcore.
  2. zippyshare acting up how's this work? no PTL?
  3. The good: another 10/10 banger; on pace for AOTY potential if they keep bringing these choruses and breakdowns. Stunning. The bad: are we seriously getting an entire album with this poor vocal mix? I could barely understand a single word in the car ride to work and it's only slightly improved with other audio sources. I thought Dark Divine/WTLRTG vocals were perfect. Also these short ass songs leave me wanting more! Hoping for one more single in early October.
  4. Solid album! I don't expect much other than something upbeat and catchy and they delivered as per usual. Some hints of heavy riffs as well!
  5. This and Eye of God are an incredible 2-song stretch...this is Erra at their best!
  6. Oh damn this came out of nowhere! Album announcement soon?
  7. Can't listen to the preview; must hold out. Any full songs in this post?
  8. The Lakes bonus track is now available
  9. Finally a Seether song that slaps
  10. @Feeshmon can we get a Passtheleaks?
  11. Agreed; that's basically what I meant. All the other elements slap
  12. Song is 10/10 I'm so excited...I'm not a mix expert at all but the vocal mix is definitely off and way too much in the background. I can't be the only one thinking this? Also - let's give these boys props for releasing an acoustic EP and a new 3-song EP since their last album AND putting 11 tracks on this one instead of 10 (assuming there's no intro or interlude). Like damn even those track titles get me hype AF
  13. I agree that it's definitely their most generic track they've ever put out. Unfortunately, that's how radio people will discover the band. The more exposure they get, the more they'll be allowed to do. I'm confident that the rest of the album will be more of what they're known for traditionally.
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