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  1. Not as good as Snowblood / Eye of God, but still great.
  2. I hope it is because this definitely feels like a step in the wrong, it's fine, but production/sound-wise it feels like it belongs in 2015.
  3. I saw the video they posted mentioning this. I don't think the vinyl is coming out for a few weeks so maybe we'll see then? They may also release the b-sides/tracks that didn't make the cut in the spring, per an interview with Chris.
  4. The low vocals make me so sad; apart from that, the music fucking SLAPS. BIWDIF is the clear favorite; Spiritual Eclipse and Killing What's Underneath are just behind. Well done boys.
  5. They do what they do very well, and this is a prime example. Solid track!
  6. Same as above; loved the original and just wish Spencer had a bigger part.
  7. @Feeshmon thank you for posting; hopefully you can do pt. 2 in two weeks!
  8. Still great; just doesn't stand out like the first two. Still ridiculously hype for this album!
  9. I still think that Feeding The Wolves was their best work; I've been fading away from them ever since. Partially because nothing they've put out has matched FTW, and partially because my tastes have scewed more metalcore.
  10. zippyshare acting up how's this work? no PTL?
  11. The good: another 10/10 banger; on pace for AOTY potential if they keep bringing these choruses and breakdowns. Stunning. The bad: are we seriously getting an entire album with this poor vocal mix? I could barely understand a single word in the car ride to work and it's only slightly improved with other audio sources. I thought Dark Divine/WTLRTG vocals were perfect. Also these short ass songs leave me wanting more! Hoping for one more single in early October.
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