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  1. Alright folks, let's get a KL encyclopedia of BREAKDOWNS! Some of my personal favs include: O.G. Loko - Of Mice & Men (don't forget about the 2012 Warped Tour version) Given Up - Linkin Park (Fun to play while holding a constipated facial expression) Ruin - Lamb of God (first time hearing it I remember yelling "What the fuck" l m a o) myfeelingshavefeelings - Bilmuri (10/10 meme) Grotesque - Dealer (nice. just nice) The Comedown - Bring Me the Horizon (literally that whole second album) Keep Your American Dream - Beartooth (this shit punch you in the face HARD) Nitroglycerin - CrazyEightyEight (got the goosebumps while driving lol) Love - Gojira (Live in Rio 2015 extended with the Remembrance breakdown is god's gift to man)
  2. some weird shit, but i dig it
  3. Late to the party, but this record is pretty damn interesting! Love the atmosphere. It has the quality of transporting you elsewhere, really pulls you in. o h a n d @BERO
  4. I dunno why but the album art makes me uncomfortable???
  5. This album is heavy and nasty in the best way possible! Killer record, but not something I can play all the time due to its abrasiveness, but damn when I'm in that mood...this is it right here! 10/10
  6. Was not expecting this to be such a jam. Not really into trap but this is great!
  7. Architects ambient mixed with Northlane bounce turned up a notch. Love it!
  9. The flood is coming to wipe this site's existence. It's just a matter of when.
  10. is the AOTY meme still a thing? If so then this is it right here! 10/10
  11. Kids Bop Stick Stickly cover when?!?!
  12. I think they've struck a fine line with their sound given this is their 8th album. Was hoping for a crazy breakdown after the solo but still a fun track to jam to.
  13. FUCK!!! That intro straight yeeted me into another dimension LOL
  14. One of these days, metalcore bands that went "soft" WILL go back to their original heavy sound. Whether it be for the hype / marketing, or as a last group effort it's going to happen. When the well of radio rocks begins to dry up, the tactic of going back to "that 2008-2012 shit" will become the new selling point as that style becomes "new cool shit" again in the eyes of the masses / commercial success.I'm calling it right now. Example: "7th AA album to be SUAS heavy. Danny: I feel it again, and that what the fans want" and of course once this happens everyone here will rejoice and circlejerk to no end. Oh and before anyone says "they don't go back because they don't know how to write a good song in their old style anymore / they washed up" well that doesn't matter. It could be absolute shit, regurgitated rehashed material, or phenomenal and people will still be talking about it. A couple albums after a change in sound won't draw in as many people. Case in point some here have said they're done with this band (we all say this but come back lol), but if a band sWiTchEs iT uP and goes heavy all of a sudden, you'll have genuine interest again. I can already see the comments "omg they did it again! "I knew they still had it" "no way" "this is the REAL bandnamegoeshere" "yesss they listened to us!" etc... I mean at least it'd be great if these bands just said "We changed sound because MONEY" instead of some bs they cover it with "our fans safety" "more mature" "ExPLorE NeW sOUNdS" also get that "tHis iS oUR HeAviESt tO dATE" teaser fuckery out of here. 2 seconds doesn't count (except BMTH on Heavy Metal, that's a different context and they're a whole other situation entirely)
  15. Hi can I get these in either FLAC or 320? I'm aware both Hungry Lights albums have been requested before, but the links are expired unfortunately. Enochian - Convulsions https://music.apple.com/us/album/convulsions-single/1385832781 Hungry Lights - Three Gods & Me https://hungrylights.bandcamp.com/album/three-gods-me Hungry Lights - Mudoo Ra https://hungrylights.bandcamp.com/album/mudoo-ra Bind - True Colors https://bindfl.bandcamp.com/album/true-colors
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