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  1. Here is the iTunes link for the song! https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/soul-stasis-single/1439921003?app=itunes
  2. Glad this was posted. Haven't listened to this band in a while, and honestly kind of forgot about them. Very solid discography, in my opinion.
  3. @Barcasaur Accidental overdose there's an official statement on Kyle's instagram.
  4. @Weiße Rose I'm good friends with the band. Pretty sure they'll have physicals up on their Merch site this weekend after their album release show. I know that a local record store in their town, 'Siren Records' has physical copies available.
  5. I've had quite a few friends fill-in with this band over the years, so I've always kind of supported the band even though I haven't always liked the music...this, however, is probably some of the best material Matt (the bunny), has put out. I'm digging it.
  6. Good friends of mine! Don't sleep on them!
  7. Woah, that's pretty nuts. Although, I'm honestly not really surprised...I wonder why they even kept the name since there aren't any original members left. Very interesting. Solid album either way.
  8. Pretty solid sounding record, but that artwork...nope.
  9. Perfect example of why local/smaller bands should go the extra mile and actually save up to have a decent sounding record...it's not hard/expensive to record and produce a decent sounding song, just gotta spend the time.
  10. Really solid album. A lot of bands that started out 'heavy' seem to be making the switch to a more 'active rock' sound, and these guys definitely did a good job with the switch.
  11. @Frak The Gods Wait, THIS is the same Amor? Wow, I wondered what happened to them.
  12. Polaris - The Mortal Coil Stargazer - Tui La I The Mighty - Where The Mind Wants to Go / Where You Let it Go Thousand Below - The Love You Let too Close Counterparts - You're Not You Anymore The Maine - Lovely Little Lonely Varials - Pain Again nothing,nowhere - Reaper Blackbear - Digital Druglord Lorna Shore - Flesh Coffin
  13. @drum_maniac Definitely. Super unique. Threw me off guard at first but I really love the vocal style with the melodic hardcore instrumentation.
  14. @BRDSX Yup. Through A Set of Rose Shaded Eyes is in my top ten for 2017.
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