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  1. Ovtlier - What Doesn't Kill You (EP) (2017)

    @drum_maniac Definitely. Super unique. Threw me off guard at first but I really love the vocal style with the melodic hardcore instrumentation.
  2. Ovtlier - What Doesn't Kill You (EP) (2017)

    @BRDSX Yup. Through A Set of Rose Shaded Eyes is in my top ten for 2017.
  3. Ovtlier - What Doesn't Kill You (EP) (2017)

    @dvsr Pretty sure it is the 3rd reslease...Little to no differences either, as far as I can tell.
  4. Sleep On It - Overexposed (2017)

    Been waiting for this. Perfect.
  5. Bilmuri - Banana (2017)

    Everything Johnny has put out over the past like 2-3 years has been awesome! The first 4 Bilmuri records were exceptional. Super keen on listening to this ASAP.
  6. Encoder - Mefitis (Single) (2017)

    These guys are sick! Hometown band for me! Defintiely check out their first two EPs if you dig this!
  7. Like Moths To Flames - Nowhere Left To Sink (Single) (2017)

    I had a chance to talk with Chris at one of the When We Don't Exist shows and he told me they've been sitting on this material for over a year and they were just waiting for warped tour to end so they could announce the fall tour and then get ready to release new material. He said the songwriting has changed some with the addition of Jeremy from City Lights but that fans of When We Don't Exist will be pleased with the new record. Regardless, this song kicks ass.
  8. Rosedale - Again (2017)

    I'm good friends with Mike! Super talented guy who definitely needs more recognition for his work! Solid new tunes.
  9. So, myself and the vocalist of this band are no longer in it. We went to record a new song with Jamie King a few weeks ago, but since we left, we don't know if it's officially going to be released. When I get back the final version I'll post it. If you dig the vocals and drums, myself and the vocalist have started a new band that I'll be releasing soon.
  10. If anyone is interested, we just got done recording another new song that we'll be releasing in August. I might post it once I get it back, I might not.
  11. Thanks for the positive feedback, everyone! We're definitely different than a lot of bands out there, and Daydreamer, our first song was definitely rushed. The rest of our material sounds a lot more like A Greater Danger. Expect to see our name a lot in the next few months!