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  1. Jason Butler of letlive. has previously done it.
  2. I think this will end up slotting comfortably below Mothership, Instant Gratification and Acceptance Speech, when it comes to Tilian albums. I'm not sure if I will prefer it over Artificial Selection, but I think I might. Afterburner is a bit surprising in that it seems like none of us agree on the better songs. I feel like on ArSe and Mothership, there was a consensus on the better songs. I think Parallels and Say Hi are really solid, for instance, but Three Wishes doesn't do a ton for me.
  3. Ah yes, Tilian's garbo lyrics when compared to the amazing lyrics that Kurt Travis has written. Don't Tell Dave is a masterpiece.
  4. God bless this mess. Going to spin it now. Can't wait for Friday for the high quality!
  5. I won't disagree, those singles are better. Mothership is a masterpiece, after all.
  6. The singles have always been the most accessible though. If you would have judged the tone of what Mothership would be from Chucky vs the Giant Tortoise, Betrayed by the Game and Young Robot you would have been way off. I think Say Hi would be a better indication as to what the 'meat' of the album could sound like.
  7. It's fine, but I'm thinking it will end up being one of the lesser songs on the album.
  8. I think that is a fair way of describing it. The pitch of the screams and the fluctuation between 'screaming, growling, yelling' is more apparent, yet still 'accessible'
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