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  1. Like it, but I can understand why people don't a fan of this single. Jumpsuit and NATN were better imo
  2. Good to see them making something out of their comfort zone. Really excited for this record!
  3. Btw do you think that this is from a new album? Maybe this is just a summer-single before Warped Tour
  4. Just reached the end of it., absolutely out of words. I can't imagine how it couldn't be AOTY for me
  5. Mayday Parade's and State Champs's new record coming the same day...so hyped
  6. Pre-ordering this record was the best decision I've made this year
  7. So fucking stoked for this record
  8. @Emopunk182 U mean Poppin’ champagne?
  9. Who cares about it's genre, this is fucking gold for me!! Thanks for the leak!
  10. Really like these singles, big hopes for this record...one of the biggest talents in pop punk.