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  1. Maybe my favourite or 2nd favourite song from the album so far. I know it's nothing new but jesus christ blink subreddit is such a toxic community
  2. Thanks! I have really high hopes for this album
  3. This album is probably the biggest surprise for me this year but I really enjoyed it.
  4. I've had waiting for this collab for years... didn't disappoint me
  5. I promised myself I will listen to Amo when my vinyl arrives but fuck there's no chance after this I can wait till that. Thanks for uploading!
  6. 1. State Champs - Living Proof 2. Twenty One Pilots - Trench 3. With Confidence - Love And Loathing 4. Waterparks - Entertainment 5. Architects - Holy Hell 6. Real Friends - Composure 7. Trophy Eyes - The American Dream 8. As It Is - The Great Depression 9. Between You & Me - Everything Is Temporary 10. The Story So Far - Proper Dose
  7. Wow the opinions are so different here...maybe this is exactly what they want from people with this album
  8. Like it even more than Mantra for the first listen...stoked for amo!
  9. Like it, but I can understand why people don't a fan of this single. Jumpsuit and NATN were better imo
  10. Good to see them making something out of their comfort zone. Really excited for this record!
  11. Btw do you think that this is from a new album? Maybe this is just a summer-single before Warped Tour
  12. Just reached the end of it., absolutely out of words. I can't imagine how it couldn't be AOTY for me
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