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  1. Who cares about it's genre, this is fucking gold for me!! Thanks for the leak!
  2. Really like these singles, big hopes for this record...one of the biggest talents in pop punk.
  3. Do U think, m8?
  4. This song ate itself into my head for first listening
  5. Surprised that it's leaked this early, thank you so much!
  6. I've waited for this for 6 years thank god!!!!
  7. Really really like this...one of the most talented pop-punk bands imo...thanks for this!!
  8. single

    God damn I just love this. Thank you!
  9. I remember when Something's Gotta Give came out as the first single of Future Hearts, everyone was like 'eh, they are not the same anymore'. All Time Low is my favourite band bc they never disappointed me, I just loved everything they did so I think they deserve the trust. Anyway, I love this song too.
  10. This is so damn good
  11. Well, this looks like a strong beginning of the year.
  12. Yes I would and I'd say "FUCK YES! This is like Green Day I love it!".